Solution to Hot Tub Allergies

It’s surprising to what extent the use of strong chemical based products can ruin your spa experience. While bromine is a milder form of chlorine, it is still responsible for skin allergy symptoms occurring in hot tub and spa users.

For Allergy Sufferers –

Most people believe hot tub skin allergies may be due to poor spa care. However, most rashes are due to improper use of your hot tub chemicals. Since hot tubs do not have the water capacity of a swimming pool, they do not generally require the use of strong chlorine based products but rather a hot tub filter to keep your spa absolutely clean, balanced and sanitized. You just have to know some basic needs of hot tub supplies and accessories to keep a clean and well sanitized spa

By utilizing mineral filters, such as the master spas eco pur filter, you can greatly reduce the need for chemical sanitizers.  Another option is using Spa Boss spa shock in conjunction with chlorine and bromine.  Shock will still keep your spa water clear without heavy chlorine usage.