Incorporating Spa Accessories in Hydrotherapy

Spa Accessories

Spa Accessories

Chilly winds and shorter days are not appreciated by all and the perfect remedy to handle the winter blues is a warm and revitalizing dip in your spa where you can experience some relaxing hydrotherapy. Studies have revealed that hot tub hydrotherapy is a successful way to help ease aches, tensions, arthritis, and even insomnia. Adding spa accessories can improve your hot tub hydrotherapy experience and further alleviate stresses.

There are several must have hot tub accessories to be considered:

Booster seats:

Spa seats vary in depth and jet arrangement.  Booster seats can help make you more comfortable in your preferred spot.  By utilizing a booster seat, you can adjust how you fit into the molded positions in your spa and how the jets hit your body.  Booster seats are easily filled with water so they stay in place without floating away.

Spa steps:

Spa steps are one of the most important spa accessories they make getting in and out of the spa easy and safe. These steps can be custom made according to your need and looks of your spa. Make sure you have an anti-slip surface on the steps to avoid accidents.

Towel rails:

If you have an outdoor spa, you understand what mess it is to leave your towel on the floor. Towel rails make your spa experience more convenient. Rails can be free standing or attach to the spa’s side so your towel is within easy reach.

Aromatherapy perfumes:

Aromatherapy can add to the restful experience of your spa.  Try a variety of scents to determine which one you enjoy the most.  Many spa fragrances also include a moisturizer to counteract the drying effects of chlorine.