Mind and Body Awareness in Hydrotherapy



Hydrotherapy has been proven to have many health benefits. Hydrotherapy can manage pain and reduce stress. It is a natural and safe way to treat and heal you. If you are suffering from an illness, whether it’s mental, physical or emotional, it is worth trying therapy for relief or a cure. Even if it does not completely cure your ailment, hot tub water therapy does relieve stress, improve your health and encourage beneficial deep breathing.
The Goal of Hydrotherapy

The goal of the Hydro Therapy is to use the power of the mind and body to achieve a sense of relaxation. As a mind and body awareness approach, Hydrotherapy integrates body awareness, breathing, meditation, and movement. One of the striking facts is that you really feel the movement of your breath in a part of your body you were never aware of.

The Benefits of Alternative Medicine

With the increasing recognition of life-style induced psychological stress and its negative side effects on health, the medical disciplines have taken a closer look at the long-professed benefits of hot tub water therapy. This has been accompanied by an increased interest and acceptance in ancient non-western medicine.
Benefits of Hot Tub Water Therapy

Hot tub water therapy has been successfully applied in the treatment of the following conditions:

o    Feelings of tension
o    Hyperventilation
o    Headache
o    Chronic fatigue
o    Sleeping and concentration problems
o    Anxiety and phobias
o    Panic disorders
o    Depression
o    Insomnia
o    Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia
o    Migraines / Headaches
o    Mental or Emotional Stress
o    Chronic Disease

When hot tub accessories are added with this alternative therapy, the results can be truly amazing. It helps treat back and neck problems, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune disorders, skin disease, arthritis, and allergies. How fasting positively affects these diseases, and what its long-term effects are, depends on the ailment.

We certainly know our bodies need good quality air to function. It helps to use the full capacity of your lungs; it allows the lungs to absorb nearly all the oxygen in the air. People suffering from breathing-related disorders or mental disturbance disorders should notify their doctor about any alternative therapy they are exploring.

The use of hot baths or spas to ease pain is a century old therapy that helps increase muscle relaxation, boost blood supply to the site, and relieve acute pain and spasms in the muscles of patients with fibromyalgia.