How to Clean Hot Tub Filters

Hot tub owners know how important is it for them to get their spa filters cleaned on a regular basis. However, there is need to reinforce this point to spa owners across the United States. Many a times, many owners call help centers reporting problems such as FLO, SNS and LF. These problems are all related flow issues and are as a result of filters getting dirty. Not all companies are good at offering after sale services while there are a few that even go to the extent of subcontracting their repair services.

The result if this is that the customer does not get full information which a person requires when owning a bath tub. Even basic chores such as cleaning the filters will not be possible because the owner does not know where to start. This grabs and run sales technique has caused massive damages and reduced the lifespan of most hot tubs because good maintenance methods are not suggested to the customers. Here are a few routines that take into account varied lifestyles.

Spa Filter

Spa Filter

Routine 1: Very Busy People

This routine is not only quick and simple, but it’s also very effective. Rinse the filter with a horse after filling the hot tub. Soak the hot tub filters on filter cleaning solution when changing the water.

Routine 2: For the Busy Person

This routine is considered less thorough and entails rinsing the filter with a hose the very first day after filling the hot tub. After every two weeks, it’s also important to rinse the hot tub with a hose. Every month, make sure the filter is soaked in a filter cleaner.

Routine 3: For Less Busy Persons

One day after filling the hot tub with water, rinse the filter with a hose. The rinsing should also be done on a weekly basis. After every two weeks, you need to remove the filters and change with new ones. Allow them to dry and return within the next two weeks.

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