Benefits to Using a Hot Tub on Sore Muscles

In a recent New York Times Article they cover numerous reasons to use hot water after a strenuous run of marathon proportions. There are several key aspects of hot tubs that help relieve the sore muscles in a completely healthy way.

Using Heat

First and most important is the heat of the water. High temperatures increase blood flow and temperature. This increase in blood rate will rush blood to the muscles who sorely need the hot and helpful flow. A hot tub heater is the reason for this efficiency. A hot bath is nice but the temperature begins to drop immediately. The best hot tub heaters will keep a steady temperature until the muscles are completely relaxed.

Impact of Water Pressure

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Hot tubs are far superior to a standard bath because of this added feature. Jets is the answer to the question of sore muscles. They relax stiff muscles and joints easily. A constant stream of water pressure gently massages arms, feet , or the back.

Taking advantage of Buoyancy

The last reason you should use a hot tub for sore muscles is the simple fact that you float! Buoyancy will take the weight of your day off your joints and muscles. I find that after a long day standing at work that a relaxing float in my spa relieves my muscles pain in only a fifteen minute session. To be honest I enjoy sitting a bit longer with the new fragrances I bought. They add a relaxing air of freshness to my rejuvenating relief.