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Spa FROG Start Up Instructions

Spa FROG® products use a patented EPA approved mineral formula, Fresh Mineral Water™, along with a low dose of chlorine leaving your spa water cleaner, clearer, and softer; without the hassle of measuring out and touching chemicals. With Spa FROG, you use up to 50% less chlorine. Less chlorine means water is easier on skin hair and swimsuits and protects surrounding surfaces. The mineral formula is designed to attack harmful bacteria from the outside, then go inside and finish off the destruction. In addition to the low level of chlorine, you are guaranteed to have a sparkling clean hot tub experience.

First Time Using Spa FROG with Jump Start

Here are the instructions on your initial Spa FROG use:

  1. First, follow all directions from your hot tub manufacturer on filling and balancing your hot tub water.
  2. Use a sequestering agent if the water is high in metals, and wait 24 hours before continuing.
  3. Before using the FROG cartridges, first establish the initial residual of 1.0 - 2.0 ppm bromine or chlorine.

    Do not use a non-chlorine shock and do not add it through the Spa FROG In-line System.

    For best results use Spa FROG Jump Start that quickly dissolves with a fizzing action. Use one packet per 500 gallons.

    FROG Jump Start is a chlorine shock with a unique effervescent foaming action that quickly dissolves the chlorine so it doesn’t settle on the bottom of the hot tub. Once your hot tub is filled and balanced to the correct Total Alkalinity, pH and Hardness, it’s time to set the sanitizing residual.

    Here are the PPM parameters to follow:

    Chemical PPM (Parts Per Million)
    pH 7.2 - 7.8 PPM
    Total Alkalinity 80 - 120 PPM
    Calcium Hardness 150 - 250 PPM
    Chlorine 1.0 - 3.0 PPM
  4. Use Spa FROG Test Strips to help you accurately maintain the correct bromine level.
  5. Once the hot tub reaches operating temperature, install the Serene Mineral and Bromine cartridges according to the directions in the next section, depending on the type of system you have.

Types of Spa FROG systems:

How to use a Spa FROG In-Line System

The FROG In-Line system is part of your hot tubs plumbing and includes an easy removable cap for loading and off-loading your mineral and bromine cartridges. It is a built in sanitizer that has minerals and up to 75% less chlorine than normal dichlor systems.

The entire process takes less than a minute - simply replace your cartridge by twisting the cartridge basket and remove it from the hot tub. FROG In-Line system contains minerals that last for four months in a hot tub, and bromine that lasts three weeks (give or take, factoring in your hot tubs needs.) Less work for a more effective sanitizing system – you can’t lose with Spa FROG.

The Spa FROG In-Line System is comprised of:

A: The FROG cap which is distinguishable among the fittings on the top of the spa.

B: Cartridge holder that pulls out of the system.

C: Mineral cartridge that helps control bacteria in water.

D: Bromine cartridge that helps support the minerals while oxidizing contaminants like body oils. The cartridges are adjustable to meet your specific spa water needs.

Insert both cartridges into the green floating holder by pushing them into the openings until they stay in place. Then, let the Spa FROG Floating System free-float in your hot tub.

When you decide to use your spa, remove the Spa FROG System and drain most of the excess water into the spa. Simply set the system on the side of the hot tub upside down so all excess water drains into the holder.

When you're done using the hot tub, be sure to put it back in!

How to replace FROG Cartridges for an In-Line System

It is very easy to replace the FROG Cartridges for an In-Line System. When it comes to the blue FROG Serene Mineral Cartridge, you will replace it when you drain or refill your hot tub, or essentially every 4 months. Be sure to throw it away even if it has a little left inside of it and do NOT tempt to reuse it.

Replace green FROG Serene Bromine Cartridge when empty.

  • Life of cartridge varies depending on hot tub size and number of users.
  • Drain water from cartridge to ensure it is empty.
  • Discard in trash or offer for recycling if available.
    1. Open cap of your Spa FROG In-Line System. Set the cap aside. Do not open the cap while jets are on.
    2. Push down the holder and turn counterclockwise to remove the cartridge holder.
    3. Push bottom out through openings in back of the holder to remove the used cartridges.
    4. Snap in new cartridges, lining up the indentation at the top of each cartridge with the raised area of the holder.
    5. Slowly insert the holder back into the system. Be sure to line up the holder arrow with the system arrow.
    6. Push down until the holder tabs go past system tabs, and turn the cartridge holder right (clockwise) until it stops. You can ensure it’s locked by attempting to pull the holder up. If it stays put, it's secure.

How to use the Spa FROG Serene Floating System

The Spa FROG Serene Floating System Starter Kit contains cartridges that destroy bacteria and reduce bromine usage up to 50%! By using this system will also improve the overall quality of your hot tub. The minerals last up to four months in your hot tub, and bromine are about 3 weeks per cartridge! However, you can adjust the bromine to fit your exact needs – so it could last a bit longer. Replace the two cartridges and that’s it – time to relax!

  1. Insert both cartridges into the green floating holder, and push them into the openings until they stay in place.
  2. Let the Spa FROG Serene Floating System free-float in your spa.
  3. When using the spa, remove the floating system, drain most of the water into the spa and set it on the side of the spa inverted (so all excess water drains into the holder.)
  4. Place the floating system back in the water when finished using the hot tub.

How to use the Spa FROG @ease Floating Sanitizing System

FROG @ease Floating Sanitizing System combines sanitizing minerals with SmartChlor Technology – and it’s super easy to use! Takes the work out of maintaining your hot tub – and here’s how:

  1. Prepare the Hot Tub. First, fill your hot tub with water. If you’ve previously used bromine and are switching, you have to drain and refill your hot tub. If you’ve used dichlor you can easily covert to this system without draining, as long as you test your spa and the cyanuric acid is below 80 ppm.
  2. Clean or replace your filter cartridges when they’re dirty. Then, balance your water!
  3. Now it’s time to put the FROG @ease system into place! First, remove the outer packaging from the cartridge.
  4. Line up the arrows on both of your cartridges, and then push together and lock. Set the # on the Cartridge depending on the gallons of water in your hot tub (compare with Setting Chart). Simply twist the dial to the number that corresponds.
  5. Then, simply toss the system into the hot tub! It will float and have a slight tilt to it!

How to use the FROG Filter Mate

The FROG Filter Mate is a mineral sanitizer that fits into the center of your spa’s filter cartridge. Because FROG minerals are active sanitizers, you’ll need half the amount of dichlor or bromine when using this mineral sanitizer.

  1. Set a reminder dial to four months from the month of installation. Turn the dial by hand or with a coin if needed.
  2. Install FROG Filter Mate using one of the following methods according to your hot tub size:
    • Most hot tubs: Insert FROG Filter Mate inside the filter cartridge core. Do not allow the FROG Filter Mate to sit too low in the filter. If it is blocking water flow, install it in the filter well. If installed inside a standpipe, attach a string to the FROG Filter Mate handle for easy removal.
    • High Flow Spas: On skimmer filters with 2.5 HP or larger pump motors, place FROG Filter Mate in the filter well outside the filter cartridge.
    • Small Cartridge or Other Spas: Place FROG Filter Mate in skimmer tray.
  3. Replace FROG Filter Mate after 4 months or when draining and refilling spa with fresh water.