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Spa Frog FAQs

The Spa FROG pre-filled cartridge delivery system is first of its kind and requires no handling of chemicals! Their breakthrough mineral technology uses 50% less chemicals, and the Floating System was the first mineral sanitizer to be used with bromine. Learn everything you need to know about Spa FROG such as what they do, the different mineral compositions, and more below.

General Questions

What does Spa FROG do?

FROG products are cartridges that kill bacteria in two different ways. One is with a low level of chlorine using SmartChlor technology, and the other is by using bromine.

How long does Spa FROG last?

The Spa FROG cartridge will last four months in your hot tub. Once it runs out, simply replace cartridge and drain/refill your spa.

What minerals are in FROG cartridges and how do they work?

Silver and limestone are found in FROG cartridges. The limestone absorbs acids from the chlorine, and the silver destroys bacteria to help maintain a normal pH level.

How long will the minerals last?

FROG minerals last four months in your hot tub. Once it runs out, simply replace cartridge and drain/refill your spa.

SmartChlor Questions

What is SmartChlor Technology?

SmartChlor Technology is a new way of keeping your hot tub water continuously crystal clear. It’s a unique form of chlorine that only works with the FROG Sanitizing Minerals and unlike dichlor, its slow dissolving. It uses up to 75% less chlorine and keeps the levels consistent at .5-1.0 ppm free chlorine at all times. SmartChlor self-regulates allowing you to only need to shock once a month as it gives you clean, clear, and odor free water.

How is SmartChlor different from standard chlorine?

SmartChlor is a unique type of chlorine that only works with the FROG minerals. Standard chlorine is dichlor, which is the most common chlorine used/found in hot tubs. Dichlor dissolves quickly and is used up immediately as contaminents enter the water with no reserve. SmartChlor on the other hand dissolves slowly into the water and creates a reserve of chlorine that converts to free chlorine when the hot tub has contaminents.

With dichlor, because its free chlorine the level drops under what’s typically need, and more must be added to keep it at proper levels. With the SmartChlor FROG system, it self-regulates so it maintains the proper chlorine level for the life of the cartridge. Additionally, dichlor must maintain industry standard levels of 2-4ppm, while SmartChlor reduces its overall chlorine use by only needing .5-1ppm.

Unlike chlorine, SmartChlor contains zero cyanuric acid which means there is no build up possible, and the water lasts longer. Typical dichlor contains up to 50% cyanuric acid, which can cause cloudy water needing to be drained and refilled more often. This also means that dichlor requires shock treatment, as strong odors can occur from the contaminents combining with the chlorine. SmartChlor self-shocks, so if you shock your hot tub once a month right before putting in the cartridge, when the SmartChlor level is declining as the old cartridge is used up- you’ll get rid of any contaminants.

How long should the SmartChlor Cartridge Last?

There are 3 factors regarding how long the SmartChlor cartridge will last.

  1. The dial setting of your cartridge.Keep in mind that the SmartChlor cartridge is one size, and whatever sanitizer you use, you will obviously need to use more in more water, and less in less water. If your hot tub is larger, it will require a higher setting on your cartridge, and vice versa.
  2. Number of people that are using the hot tub.More sanitization will be needed the more your hot tub is used. If it’s used frequently, your dial may need to be turned up higher to sanitize properly. In doing so, the cartridge will run out quicker.
  3. Day to day water filtration.SmartChlor will dissolve faster the more often water is circulated. If you do filtrate your hot tub frequently, turn down the cartridge dial to slow down how much of it is dissolved.

How do I know when my SmartChlor Cartridge is empty?

When the cartridge is empty, the FROG @ease Test Strip Out Indicator on the back of your test strip bottle will let you know! You will know that the SmartChlor Cartridge needs to be preplaced when the test strip color will be lighter than the single-color image on the bottle. If you’re unsure if it’s empty, take the cartridge out of the system, shake the cartridge and drain the water. If no ingredients are heard inside, its time to replace it as it’s empty. If you can hear something iside, put it back in the water and test again in a few days.

Spa FROG Chemical Questions

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