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How to Prevent Hot Tub Stains

stained hot tub and spa

Dealing with hot tub stains are extremely important, as they can permanently damage your spa (and we don’t want that - it can be costly!) Thankfully, if your spa has stains on it there are ways you can easily get rid of them, and other ways to prevent them from even showing up in the first place. That way your hot tub will one, last longer, and two, look better than ever when your friends and family come for a soak!

How to Remove Hot Tub Stains

Typically the type of stains you’ll find in a hot tub are dirt, rust (wear and tear or corrosion), and buildup (calcium deposits, etc.). In order to properly remove the stains, it’s best to drain your hot tub, scrub, and follow these instructions:

  1. Turn off your spa (turn the power off to be extra safe!) and drain all of the water out of it.
  2. Remove any additional water still in the tub by wiping it down with a towel/cloth.
  3. Apply cleaning chemicals. You can use a natural remedy of baking soda/damp cloth or vinegar/water to rid of the stains, but you can also order a hot tub specific cleaner to remove already existing blemishes. Then, feel free to spray SpaBoss Spa Polish to seal the surface and keep the shell of your spa safe from chemicals/minerals in the water once you fill it back up!
  4. Scrub, scrub, scrub those stains!

Now, how do I prevent stains from coming back?

It's easier than you may think... because it's water chemistry. Yep, that's it... WATER CHEMISTRY (As we discuss in our care guide Ideal Water Balance). If your spa's water is balanced, stains won't ever return. Seriously! So be sure to add sanitizer, constantly check the pH and alkalinity levels, and measure the hardness (aka the amount of calcium thats in the water) in order to prevent scale buildup/ stains from showing up.

Additionally, you should add a product like Prevent II to help prevent general buildup (plus you’ll make it WAY easier to clean later!) By simply taking care of the water and putting some tender love and care into your spa, your spa will stay clean and clear, and under control.