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Master Spas Hot Tub Water Balance

ideal master spas water balance graphic

When it comes to the water balance of your hot tub, it is extremely important to make sure the pH, alkalinity, calcium, and chlorine levels are correct. This ensures not only that your water will stay clean and clear, but will guarantee you a safe hot tub experience for you and your family. Take a look below to find out what each of those levels are and do, the ideal range to keep them in, and the Master Spa Spa Boss product to help keep everything in line.

What is...

pH: pH measures how acidic your hot tub/pool water is. It is considered by a lot of people as the most important part of your spa water balance, as your equiptment (heating elements, seals, etc.) can be damaged if the pH level is off.

Total Alkalinity: Total alkalinity buffers the pH, and gives you the ability to accurately read the pH. You should always adjust the total alkalinity before working with your pH test kit.

Calcium Hardness: Calcium hardness measures the minerals in your hot tub and spa water. This includes magnesium and calcium, and you may hear it called “total hardness”. If your spa water is calcium deficient, you will experience corrosion of your equiptment.

Chlorine: Chlorine kills germs and bacteria within your hot tub. It's important to keep chlorine levels in their ideal range as to not irritate your eyes or respiratory system.

Tests and Proper Levels

Tests Ideal Range Product to use to balance

7.2-7.8 PPM

SpaBoss pH Minus
Spa Boss pH Plus
Total Alkalinity

80-120 PPM

SpaBoss pH Minus
Spa Boss Alka-Rise
Calcium Hardness

250-500 PPM

Spa Boss Alka-Rise

1.0-3.0 PPM

SpaBoss Chlor-Aid