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How Many Years Will My Hot Tub Last?

When you make a purchase as exciting as a hot tub you want to make sure you take care of your investment. Below is a guide on how to maintain your spa so that you can reap those relaxing benefits for many years to come.

What is spa longevity?

The longevity of your hot tub is how long it will continue to work and last. The range of spas generally last anywhere from 5 to 20 years. Below, we will discuss Master Spas' longevity individually.

Of course, your spa can almost always be repaired by a professional. Like with a car, however, sometimes with more advanced repairs it is better financially to invest in a new spa, rather than paying to get the old one fixed. You can discuss with your dealer the best option moving forward.

What influences hot tub longevity?

This is more or less a two-part answer, as there are two major components in determining longevity:

  1. What brand and model of spa you purchase.
  2. How you maintain your spa.

Your Spa's Brand and Model.

As with most products you invest in, cheaper products without a strong brand reputation will cost less, but fail sooner. This can be compared to something as simple as, say, a t-shirt. Generally speaking, a $5 shirt will unravel at the seams a lot sooner than one that cost $20. It may cost more in the moment, but the investment will be cheaper in the long run. That’s why it is always best to buy the highest quality Hot Tub in your budget.

The product guarantee can be a good indicator of spa quality, as can the price tag. Luckily, as far as hot tubs go, price correlates to the quality and longevity of the tub. However, quality is not the only indicator of longevity- half of your spa’s lifespan is up to you and your care and maintenance of the product.

How You Maintain Your Spa.

If you want your spa to operate smoothly for as long as possible, you must put in effort with maintenance. A spa with an average lifetime of 20 years can fail at only 5 with poor care.

Using a product means wear and tear. Shell cracks must be patched. Some of your hot tub’s working parts are plastic, and, when in contact with spa chemicals, can break down over time. Other parts like the pump, heater or cover will need basic servicing and/or replacement as well.

This is just part of spa ownership! You can keep repair costs down by following the rules for tub maintenance listed here in this guide.

Tips to increase your spa’s longevity

  • Maintain a balanced PH – Keep your water at a PH between 7.2 and 7.6 is crucial to spa maintenance. Acidic water can eat through equipment and reduce longevity and any water out of this range can be harmful to human skin as well. It’s also important to test the levels of chlorine and bromine in your spa to keep it safe for bathers, and to lengthen the life of your filters and other parts that can break down over time with these chemicals.
  • Use a Hot Tub Cover – A cover is one of the major components in protecting your spa. The sun’s rays can damage your cover’s coating and also encourage mildew growth. To prevent this, use a UV safe cleaner. Additionally, tarping or putting a slipcover over your spa when it is not in use (say in the winter months) can prevent unwanted water from entering the tub that cause mildew or freezing and damaged pipes.
  • Keep the Water Clear – While clear water is not always an indicator of spa health, cloudy water is most certainly an indicator of a problem. Some of these problems can reduce the lifespan of your spa - so it is important to consult our guide for clearing up cloudy water as soon as it makes itself present.
  • Replace and Clean Filters – Filters are the lungs of your spa. The harder they work, the more stress they take, and the less efficient the machine becomes. As a result of this wear and tear, the longevity of your tub can decrease. You should give your filter a good rinse every week of high use, and make sure to give it a proper chemical soak every few weeks.
  • Maintain Pumps – Leaking pumps often get louder as interior rust increases. It is important to get this checked, and parts fixed, as a whole pump can cost a lot more money than individual parts!

How long will my spa last?

The good news is the average lifespan with basic maintenance on a Master Spa is 10-12 years. However, we still have some customers with spas operating from our opening in 1996!

If you follow this guide, you should be looking at a good 15 years of relaxation with your Master Spa! Below are some products that can help you keep it functioning as smoothly as possible: