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Common Hot Tub Problems

care guide for master spa parts

Take a look at some common hot tub troubleshooting issues below, or contact us if your problem isn’t listed!

Hot Tub is Leaking

Hot tubs often leak from pipe connections. Check that all pipe connections are not damaged. Tighten connections, taking care to not over tighten as the piece may crack. Check all gaskets and replace any that are cracked or leaking. Replace plumbing if the pipe or connections are cracked or damaged.

Hot Tub is Noisy

Where do you think the noise is coming from?

The first thing to check on the pump is too see if it is leaking on the shaft seal. If the shaft seal is leaking it could be shooting water back into the electric motor causing the bearing to make noise. If the shaft seal is leaking you will need to replace the pump.

There is a vibration while the pump is running. Check to make sure that the pump is secured to the frame of the hot tub. Try to tighten the bolts holding the pump down. Most pumps have a noise dampening pad underneath them to help eliminate this issue but if the bolts come loose it can cause vibration

The diverter in my spa makes a lot of noise. In most cases when the diverter is trying to move a large volume of water through that line it makes a lot of noise. There isn’t really a way to fix this other than to have the diverter completely to one side of the jets or the other.

The side panel is vibrating. This is more than likely caused by the pump vibrating. If you check to make sure that the pump is secured down tight to the frame the only other fix is to put extra screws into the side panels.

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