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How to Start Up Your Master Spa in Six Steps

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To help you keep your Master Spa sparkling all year round, we’ve outlined our best Master Spa hot tub maintenance tips and guidelines below.
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Six Steps to Starting Up Your Master Spa

  1. Fill your spa with hard water – You never want to use more than 50% softened water when filling your spa.

    Tip: You may want to use a pre-filter when filling your spa. It’ll make adjusting the water balance easier after a new fill!
  2. Add a sequestering agent – During your initial fill, add a sequestering agent (e.g. SpaBoss Prevent II) to control suspended minerals in the water. Allow the water to circulate and filter until the water temperature reaches 80 degrees before adding any other chemicals.
  3. Test your hardness levels – Test your water for hardness with the test strips provided in your start-up kit. Your calcium hardness levels should be maintained between 150-250 PPM (parts per million).

    Tip: Use SpaBoss Cal-Rise to increase the hardness level
  4. Test for alkalinity – Test your water for alkalinity using the test strips provided in your start-up kit. The total alkalinity should be 80-150 PPM.

    Tip: If your alkalinity is higher than 150 PPM, use SpaBoss pH Minus to lower the level. If your alkalinity levels are low, use SpaBoss Alka-Rise.
  5. Test your pH levels – Test your water for pH using the test strips provided in your start-up kit. The pH should be 7.2-7.8 PPM.

    Tip: If pH is low, add SpaBoss pH Plus. If your pH is high, add the SpaBoss pH Minus. Keep in mind that SpaBoss pH Minus also lowers alkalinity, so you will want to re-check alkalinity levels after you use it.
  6. Add SpaBoss Chlor-Aid to begin sanitizing the water – Lastly, add 2 tbsp. of concentrated SpaBoss Chlor-Aid per 500 gallons.

    Tip: Do not add the SpaBoss Chlor-Aid until the alkalinity and the pH levels have been properly adjusted. Do not enter the spa when chlorine levels are above 5 PPM.