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Important Hot Tub Safety Tips

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We all know hanging out in a hot tub/spa is fun and relaxing. However, it is super important to remember that you are entering a pool of water that has chemicals in it, high water temperatures, and more - all of which you need to be aware of in order to stay safe! Check out a few of our safety tips below to make sure you enjoy your hot tub experience to the fullest, while staying safe in the process.

Hot Tub Safety Tips

Chemical Safety Tips

  • Maintain a proper sanitizing level in your hot tub. It’s important to keep your spa sanitized with specific chemicals to keep the water clear and clean. Sanitizers kill bacteria and algae, as well as helps to prolong the life of your spa.
  • Do not mix chemicals before adding to the water. Add each chemical separately such as your sanitizer, descummer, pH balancer, and more.
  • Always add chemicals to water, not water to chemicals. Make sure your spa is filled with the water before adding anything to it. This makes it easier to monitor the effect of the chemicals and you can see how the water reacts to the agents you’re adding to it (eliminating foam, green water, cloudiness, etc.)
  • Always store chemicals according to the manufacturer’s instructions and keep them out of reach of children. Instructions are there for a reason, so be sure to follow them to ensure your chemicals work as effectively as they can. Additionally, they can be harmful if ingested, so please be sure to store chemicals in a safe, secure location.

General Safety Tips

  • Never heat your spa above 104°F. Any temperature above that could cause burns or cause your body to overheat. Monitor the temperature closely!
  • Do not drink alcohol while using your spa. Doing this can cause dehydration (because you’re sweating), dizziness (from the high temperature), make you fall asleep, give you heat exhaustion, and more. It’s better to avoid any alcohol to make sure you stay as safe as possible and don’t harm yourself while in the tub.
  • Stay out of the hot tub during rainstorms and lightning. There is a real danger of being electrocuted while in the spa, so avoid it at all costs.
  • Limit your time in the spa to 15-20 minutes. You don't want to over heat or experience any type of heat exhaustion, so limit your time in the tub. If you start to feel dizzy or too hot, be sure to end your session.
  • Prevent slips/falls by installing anti-skid treads and rubber mats.The spa water can cause it to be slippery outside of your hot tub, so by purchasing these items, you can avoid slipping and falling.