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How to Shut Off a Hot Tub Pump

This article will show you how and why you may need to turn off the hot tub pump on your Master Spas hot tub.

Steps to Turn off a Hot Tub Pump

Turning off the therapy pumps with or without a touchscreen control panel can be done with ease. Although the panel from one model to the next may look different, they operate very similar.

  1. If you have a touchscreen control panel press the Settings button (if you don't have a touchscreen skip to step 2). The image appears to be a small gear.
  2. Next, depending on how many pumps you have on your custom Master Spas hot tub, it will show which jets are running on which pump. For example. If you have massage jets running with therapy pumps and the standard circulation jets you might have a button that says: Jets 1, Jets 2, and Jets 3.
  3. To toggle the pumps on and off, simply press the jets you would like turned off. That will switch off the therapy pump you indicated. Note: The circulation pump cannot be toggled on and off on the touch screen as it is designed to run at all times to keep the hot tub running effectively.

    When the hot tub was originally installed, the electrician will have attached it to a breaker at your location. This breaker when flipped on will have done the original start up mode for your hot tub. During this mode the pumps are all turned on and off again automatically. The system does this to filter out any particles or debris in the pump lines. Flipping this breaker that attaches to your hot tub is how the hot tub will lose all power resulting in the circulation pump to shut off.

Should I turn the off the pump if...

I’m cleaning the hot tub?

Therapy pumps should be powered off using the steps above. The circulation pump does not need to be turned off during the cleaning process. The main pump that circulates your water will help disperse cleaning agents through the pipes and the rest of your hot tub. There is no reason to power down your hot tub for cleaning.

My hot tub is not in use?

While the hot tub is not in use, you can turn off the therapy pumps/jets using the control panel. This will save electricity. However, it is not recommended that you turn off the hot tub circulation pump. While not in use, the hot tub cycles the water through the system to maintain cleanliness, fight natural growth of algae, and dispenses the heat evenly. If the hot tub is turned off for extended periods while water sits within, algae and other particles will spread and cause the water to become cloudy, and dangerous to spend time in. As long as water is in your hot tub, leave the circulation pump running.

I’m changing the water in the hot tub?

If you are draining the hot tub to move it, close it down for the season, or completely changing out the water you can shut off the power at the breaker. The circulation pump will have no water to pump and you do not want to pump air with leaves or other debris that may enter your pump system while the hot tub is empty.

I need to fix the electronics?

When changing out electronics such as speakers, control panels, or lights you can shut off the breaker. While replacing any electronics that have water nearby always power off and drain the hot tub. In this way the circulation pump can be turned off to avoid any risk to injury.

I’m replacing a damaged jet?

If you are replacing a jet; power off the pump. If a jet body has to be replaced you can drain the hot tub part way so the jet body is exposed. During this time you can power off the hot tub by shutting off the breaker.

I’m changing the filter?

You should power the therapy pumps off with the control panel to avoid water flowing into your pumps unfiltered. After you change a filter the pumps can be restarted and any particle will be cycled back to the hot tub only to be caught in the next rotation of the water through the filter.