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How to Get Hot Tub Off Sleep Mode

If it seems like you’ve been to "SL and back" trying to get your hot tub out of sleep mode, then you've come to the right place; Master Spa Parts has some helpful tips on getting your hot tub out of sleep mode.

But, for those that are just curious about what sleep mode is and how to use it, we would like to explain this useful (albeit confusing) hot tub feature. Most hot tub owners are familiar with how to turn their hot tubs on and off. That’s fairly easy to explain. When the hot tub is placed into the ON position the water is heated to a temperature optimal for relaxation, and in the OFF position the hot tub’s heater, pump, and jets essentially have no power.

So, What is a Hot Tub’s Sleep Mode?

A while ago hot tub manufacturers realized that some setting in between ON and OFF would be helpful to users. After all, depending on the temperature outside, it can take upwards of 24-48 hours to heat up a hot tub — that’s a long time to wait for an impulse session in the spa. So, instead of always keeping a hot tub’s water always ready for use (or completely cold), sleep mode will keep your hot tub’s water at a temperature that can be easily raised in just a short time.

While your hot tub is in sleep mode (or 'SL' & SLP mode on some models), the jets will operate occasionally to filter the water. In sleep mode, your hot tub’s heater will usually only kick on once the temperature dips below 20 degrees of the set temperature. Your hot tub is going to run its normal filtration (whatever you have the spa set at) time and during that time is when your heater will run. If you have your filtration set to 2 hours it is going to run twice a day for 2 hours a piece.

When to Use Sleep Mode

Sleep mode is useful when you don’t plan on using your hot tub for several days, such as when you go on vacation. Some hot tub models can even be pre-programmed to enter sleep mode during certain hours of the day. This is a great way to conserve energy while keeping your hot tub nearly ready to use.

Now, you could simply hit the temperature down button a couple dozen times when you won’t be using your hot tub for a spell, but then you also have to do the same button-tapping process to raise the temperature. Sleep mode saves you from having to do this repetitive task.

While it may seem counterintuitive, according to the laws of thermodynamics, it takes less energy to keep your hot tub at a steady, warm temperature than turning the unit on and off regularly. Plus, your hot tub is likely insulated and will therefore retain a good amount of heat. So, if you are looking to save some money while keeping your hot tub primed for use, the sleep mode should be a beneficial feature for you.

How to Get Your Hot Tub Out of Sleep Mode

While sleep mode can be a timesaver and useful, if you accidentally place your hot tub into sleep mode, it can cause some confusion on how to wake up your hot tub and get the jets, pumps, and heater going again. One of the issues in advising customers on how to get their hot tubs out of sleep mode is that exiting sleep mode usually requires a process that is specific to each manufacturer. It normally requires the pressing of a couple of buttons on the control panel.

One thing to keep in mind while using sleep mode is that your hot tub's filtration system will only be working every so often. Therefore, you want to have a clean (or new) filter in place if you plan on using sleep mode regularly throughout the season. Master Spa Parts has several economically priced hot tub filters. And, products from Master Spa Parts typically ship out within 48 hours of your order.

Closing Thoughts

To summarize, your hot tub’s sleep mode is a useful way to conserve energy while also keeping your hot tub at a temperature that will be easy to heat up once the hot tub leaves sleep mode and enters into a standard mode of operation. Be sure to stay up on hot tub maintenance, and if you ever have an issue in getting your hot tub out of sleep mode, simply contact your friends at Master Spa Parts. We’re always here to help!