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Down East Spas Circuit Boards

Circuit boards are extremely important and crucial as they control the overall functioning of your spa or hot tub. Every spa circuit board sold by Master Spa Parts is a factory-direct OEM replacement part from Master Spa. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, dependable, and high quality replacement circuit boards to our customers. Some of our circuit boards include the Master Spas Balboa Circuit Boards, MAS560 Circuit Boards, and MAS470 Circuit Boards. We always keep a large and vast selection of master spa circuit boards in stock that include free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States! Additionally, it is important to remember to not order a replacement board on looks alone!

If you’d like to know more about the different hot tub circuit boards Master Spa Parts offers, please give our Customer Service team a call 855-308-2149 to talk with a hot tub and spa expert! If you are unsure about which heater part you need for your spa, compare the first five numbers on your heater (located under the barcode) to the V/N number on our website.

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    All hot tubs use a circuit board to manage essential functions, such as the filtration system, lighting, pumps, as well as shut-off functions designed to keep users safe. So, a circuit board that has stopped working can really hamper the enjoyment of your spa. Master Spa Parts to the rescue! We have a vast inventory of replacement circuit boards, including this MAS1600 PC Board (V/N 55241).

    To restore service to your hot tub, Master Spa Parts include fast, complimentary shipping for customers buying this New MAS1600 circuit board in the Continental United States.

    circuit board replacement part for spa
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    Spa circuit boards play a part in nearly every essential function of your spa or hot tub, everything from jets and temperature controls, to the safety switch-offs and lighting. So, when a board fails, you will likely see decreased function right away. Master Spa Parts aims to stock common and rare types of replacement circuit boards, including this MS2000 PC Board (V/N 52959) for Down East Spas and other brands.

    If you're located in the Lower 48, you can also take us up on our free shipping offer on this printed circuit board replacement for MS2000 and many others found in our online store.

    Circuit Board MS2000 PC Board
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    Don't let a failed circuit board shut down the fun and relaxation in your spa or hot tub. Through the Master Spa Parts online store, you’ll discover great savings and high-quality OEM replacement circuit boards, such as this MS1500 PC Board (V/N 54494). Plus, you will get it fast and with free shipping (most U.S. addresses) when you replace your spa’s circuit board (MS1500) through us!

     MS1500 PC Board
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    If your spa's lights, jets, filtering capabilities, and other essential features begin to go out all at once, the most likely culprit is circuit board. The online store of Master Spa Parts features many circuit brands for a wide variety of brands, including the Circuit Board MAS25 (V/N 52000) for Legend Series™ spas and hot tubs.

    To make it even easier to replace your MAS25 Board Replacement for Legend Series™, Master Spa Parts offers free shipping to all parts of the continental United States.

    MAS25 Master Spa PC Board
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    Spas and hot tubs that operate with a failing circuit board put the whole works (and your safety) at risk. We can help bring back the enjoyment of your spa — order this MS501S circuit board replacement and receive free shipping to all addresses in the "Lower 48".

    MS501S PC Board
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    Spa circuit boards are among the most crucial pieces of equipment as they control the pumps, heaters, lights, and so many other essential functions. Master Spa Parts is proud to offer this Down East Spas Master Spa Circuit Board MAS460 PC Board (V/N 52551) at a terrific price. Why pay more? Get free shipping to most U.S. destinations — replace your MAS460 spa circuit board from the Master Spa Parts online store, today!

    MAS460 PC Board
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    As the "command center" of your spa, the circuit board is tasked with making sure your blowers, lights, air filtration system, and high-limit sensors work correctly. Whether you're looking to replace your Down East Spas MS510/1500/1600 Ext. PCB (V/N 53681) or another unit, Master Spa Parts offers a vast selection of replacement circuit boards. These are all competitively priced and ready to ship.

    The Circuit board replacement for Twilight Series™ Spas always ships typically within 24 hours to customers ordering this and other spa circuit boards through the Master Spa Parts online store.

    MS510/1500/1600 Ext. PCB
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    Have your lights, heaters, pumps, and other spa functions gone out all at once? Most likely the issue is either a fuse or your circuit board has failed. The folks at Master Spa Parts has this Master Spa Circuit Board MAS470 PC Board (V/N 52757) at a great discount. We dare you to compare our Down East Spas OEM boards with other online retailers!

    Like all items priced at $99 or more, this Spa circuit board replacement for MAS470 comes with free shipping to all states, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

    MAS470 PC Board
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    Hot tubs and spas that are operated with a faulty circuit board in place run the risk of damaging equipment or causing a fire. Master Spa Parts' online store offers a number of competitively priced replacement boards, including this Master Spas® Circuit Board MAS260 PC Board (V/N 53516).

    Our online store offers free shipping on orders over $99 and this MAS260 Legend Series™ spa circuit board replacement part is no exception — order yours today!

    MAS260 PC Board
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    Eventually, all spas will experience a failed circuit board. After all, these are electrical components. Master Spa Parts is here to help you restore the enjoyment of your hot tub with this Master Spas® MS501M2 PC Board (V/N 53958) — available at a great price!

    We're here to help you get a great deal (and free shipping to the Continental United States) order your Legend Series™ MS501M2 PC replacement today!

    MS501M2 PC Board
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    A spa circuit board is the "brains" behind your spa, controlling jet flow, filtration systems, water temperature, as well as the unit's high-limit sensors. Master Spa Parts offers a number of replacement circuit boards.

    Daughter Board Kit for 510/1500/1600/1700
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