What Type of Shock Should I Use for My Spa?

Below will walk you through the types of chemical products to use and the various methods that all achieve the same outcome of clean, crystal-clear, hot tub water.

container of spa boss spa shock

There are two main types of shock recommended for hot tubs: Chlorine and Non-Chlorine shock. The type you pick to shock your hot tub will depend on which type of sanitizer you use to regularly clean your home spa. If you use chlorine, a chlorine shock is recommended.

Chlorine Shock: Hot tubs that are used quite often and with a high number of people in it on a regular basis should be treated with regular chlorine spa shock to sanitize the water. You could also use non-chlorine shock in between periodical chlorine shocks to keep the organic buildup at bay.

Be sure to never mix any chemicals dry and to always test the water getting in after a shock treatment. It is important to keep the cover off of your hot tub for 20 minutes after a chemical shock so that chemical damage does not occur to the spa’s pillows or covering. Hot tub users should wait 24 hours after a chlorine shock before entering the water.

Non-chlorine Shock: This shock aids in the creation of “free chlorine.” Free chlorine is a term used to describe how much chlorine is in the hot tub water that has not mixed fully with the chlorinated water. That amount of “free chlorine” is available to kill organic waste in the water. This is one benefit to non-chlorine shock; however, this process does not kill bacteria in the water. This type of shock is recommended to be done every 7 to 10 days as an excellent way to help chlorine do its job and also help any hot tubs on bromine to work more efficiently. The nice thing about using a non-chlorine shock is you can typically get into the water about 25-30 minutes after completing the shock process. Again, be sure to test the water to check the levels before getting into the hot tub. " Once you figure out a regular schedule and rhythm to shocking your hot tub, it will become second nature to the regular maintenance of the spa water. Then you can really enjoy stepping into the relaxation section of your home and appreciate the clean, clear water you’ve worked hard to achieve.