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How to Install a Spa Cover Lifter

Covermate I Standard Bracket

Covermate I Master Bracket

Covermate I Eco

Covermate II

Covermate III

Covermat III Eco

Covermate Freestyle

Smart Top Cover

We know, the idea of installing a spa cover lifter sounds daunting, but let me assure you - it’s easier than you may think! Typically installation takes an hour to do, if not less. However, if you ever get stuck during the process, feel free to call our customer service (855-308-2149) and one of our technicians will help you with anything you may need! It’s important to note that most lifters can be attached without using any sort of power tools, as they come with different types of clamps/brackets. If you don’t have a cover lifter like this, however, a power drill can still be used (and isn’t too tough.)

Step-by-step installation:

  1. Figure out if your lifter comes with a mounting system or a bracket. If it does, be sure to follow the directions from the manufacturer. You may need to drill holes and screw your lifter in. If so, use a drill bit that’s narrow to drill the holes to start (make sure it’s less than 1/16th of an inch). Don’t drill too far as you could damage the tub itself.
  2. Now that you have the pre-drilled holes, attaching the mounting brackets should be pretty easy. Use a drill or screwdriver during this step (if you didn’t pre-drill the holes, you will have to use a power drill for the screws).
  3. Attach all of the arms (this includes support arms, hydraulics, and pivoting arms). Support arms that link the two pivoting arms should be included in the package that came with your cover lifter. Pivoting arms will attach to the brackets that are located on the free pivots. Additionally, there may be hydraulics that are included if you have a power lifter. If so, attach those now.
  4. The cover lifter should now attach to your hot tub cover. Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions on this step, as different lifters on different models have different ways of doing this. If for some reason your cover lifter did NOT come with instructions, contact Master Spa Parts and we will help you through it!
  5. Most cover lifters will include hand grips, and at this point you should slide them on whichever position works best for you. Additionally, if there are any electrical components, be careful, and attach slowly (and keep away from the water!)
  6. Now is the time to test your cover lifter out! If for some reason it’s not working, review the directions, or again, please give us a call (as we’ve mentioned a million times - because we really would love to help you out!)