upright swim spa by Smartop

Smartop Covers are the most hassle-free hot tub cover you could purchase, and with that comes an easy, basically maintenance-free cleaning schedule for it as well. Because of it’s exclusive design of using water-resistant foam, Smartop doesn’t develop mildew or mold (aka no odor too), so you do not have to clean frequently to prevent it from those elements.  

However, with any hot tub cover, taking care of it in some capacity is still important, as you want your cover to last for as long as it can (especially given the investment of a Smartop cover!)

We suggest the following couple tips to keep your Smartop cover in the best shape possible:

• Dirt is the worst, so keep the cover clean by wiping any and all debris off the top, and use a mild solution of soap and water – aka a non-abrasive household cleaner. Don’t subject your cover to direct contact with chemicals or other harsh items.  Be sure to dry it afterwards, just in case.

• Don’t forget to clean the underside! Use a cleaning method similar to the non-abrasive mentioned in step 1 (soap and water), or use something like SpaBoss Restore. Be sure to use this after you wipe and rinse any debris off. When wiping the cover, be gentle while steadily progressing into a tougher motion when the dirt gets more stubborn. If you have the Smartop 800 on your cover, all you need is water to clean!

• We don’t recommend placing any objects on top of the cover nor walking on top of it at anytime. Basically, don’t put anything on top of your Smartop cover that could harm the UV resistant polymer surface, seal gaskets, hydraulic lifts, etc.

As your Smartop cover is designed with ultra-durable materials, it will continue to look like new for the life of your spa. So by implementing the couple tips mentioned above, your cover will be long lasting and pristine for years to come.

Interested in buying a Smartop cover and want to know more? Download our Smartop Cover Buying Guide and see if it is the right type of spa cover for you and your lifestyle!