The Basics of Spa Water Chemistry

There are a number of things that you must know about spa maintenance and one of them is the water chemistry. By acknowledging and taking care of the needs of your spa, you’ll be assured of pleasant benefits of using the equipment. Are you new to the zone of hot tubs? In case you are, you’d not be aware of a number of things like the cost of its maintenance and the tricks that you need to follow like the Holy Grail of keeping a hot tub new-like. Well, there is absolutely no need to worry. In case you wish to buy a spa and use it for a number of years, here are certain basics of hot tub water chemistry that you need to pay utmost heed to. And then, you are ready to purchase a hot tub and use it too.

Spa Water Chemistry Things You Should Know

Why does your spa water get dirty? Why does scum render it unusable? This is because bacterial and other microorganisms breed in warm water. This is the typical place where they thrive. Everyone knows that bacteria cause innumerable diseases. These diseases are potentially threatening to health. Therefore, they need to be removed from the water regularly. It is tough to see these microbes with a naked eye; therefore, one has to go by the rule of thumb, which is to clean spa water thrice every time. The next thing that you must know is that there are spaboss chemicals and sanitizers like bromine, chlorine and pH or alkalinity balancers that help keeping the water clean as well as in maintaining its chemical balance.


In case the water is too dirty to be simply treated by these chemicals, you might have to resort to shock treatment. Basically, shock treatment is used for breaking down dead organic material that stays behind in the water after you have taken a hot tub session. These are no-filterable in nature and include hair, perspiration, dirt, soap and other chemicals that you use on the body.

Periodic shock treatments are necessary for your hot tub. They aid in adding to the life of your hot tub as well because they don’t allow algae and fungus to sprout on the body of the vessel.

These are some of the basic ways of keeping the water in your hot tub clean. You also must use a spa cover, which you can lift using a Master Spa cover lifter, to keep the water clean. When the spa is covered, less dirt and dust accumulated in it.