If you’re like most spa owners, you love your Master Spa hot tub…but hate that old vinyl cover that sits on top of it! Traditional vinyl covers get waterlogged and heavy, faded and torn, and before long they’ve lost their insulating capabilities—and it’s time to replace them yet again.

If you’re tired of all the hassles that come with vinyl covers, it might be time to check out a new option that’s being touted as the best hot tub cover on the market: The Smartop.

Here are 8 reasons to buy a Smartop cover instead of a traditional vinyl cover:

1. You’ll never need to buy a hot tub/swim spa cover again! When we say this cover is durable, we really mean it. Smartop Spa Covers (Vanish and Upright) are made of the same materials as vinyl fences and decks. The material is UV-resistant and can endure extreme weather conditions—without any treatment or maintenance. A Smartop spa cover will last at least five times longer than your old vinyl cover! 

2. It can bear loads up to 800 pounds. Yes, you read that correctly! This permanent hot tub cover features a ribbed panel design with inset aluminum support channels. Its revolutionary design makes it one of the best hard hot tub cover on the market. It can easily support snow piles and ice buildup in the worst of winters. Even your family dog can jump up onto it without causing any damage!

3. You can open it with just one hand! The Smartop Cover’s integrated hydraulic cover lift makes opening the spa extremely easy. You just fold the cover back and climb in—it’s that simple. The lift takes care of the weight of the cover for you. You’ll want to use your hot tub more often knowing it’s so quick and easy to do

4. No more odors, mold, or weight gain. Smartop Covers are built with interlocking polymer panels that prevent water vapor and run-off from getting into the insulating foam. This means ZERO water retention, and ZERO opportunity for pesky odors or mold to develop. It also means these hot tub covers will not gain “water weight” over time.

5. It retains heat far better than vinyl covers. Unlike vinyl covers, which eventually get waterlogged and lose their effectiveness, the Smartop Spa Cover maintains optimal heat retention throughout its life cycle. This is in part due to its zero water retention design and its Thermal Super Seal Gasket, which creates barriers around the spa to prevent heat from escaping.

6. The cover doubles as a windbreaker and privacy screen. When it’s in the open position, the Smartop Hot Tub Cover {Upright} is locked into a stable, vertical position. This clever design shields you from the wind and acts as a privacy wall, too!

7. There is built-in security for added peace of mind. Every Smartop Cover comes equipped with a Steel Cable Cover Locking System that includes a combination padlock—so you can rest easy knowing your spa will only be used by people you trust. It’s an excellent safety feature for vacation homes, rental properties, and family homes.

8. It’s maintenance-free. Period. The only thing you need to do to keep this hard hot tub cover looking great is wipe it down with a non-abrasive household cleaner. That’s it! The Smartop Cover is designed with ultra-durable materials so it will continue to look like new for the life of your spa.

Interested in learning more about Smartop Covers?

Check out our selection of Smartop Covers on MasterSpaParts.com and Smartop Covers demo video, or call the Master Spa Parts Customer Service team today at (855) 578-6770!