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Hot Tub Filter Troubleshooting

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Your filter needs to be operating efficiently and effectively in your hot tub. Sometimes a filter just needs a good cleaning, sometimes it needs to be replaced. Check out some common troubleshooting issues below, or contact us if your problem isn’t listed!

Black Specks in the Filter

Filters become clogged with dirt and debris from everyday use. Old gaskets are als other culprit.

If the filter cannot be cleaned effectively then it is time to replace the old with a new affordable filter. Replace any cracked or splitting gaskets that are producing the black flecks.

Hot Tub Filter is Stuck

Often times the filter has become stuck because it was installed too tightly or not changed before buildup locked it in place.

Remove water from the hot tub to access the filter easier. Use a strap wrench to remove filter. In the future only hand tighten your hot tub filters and change them regularly to avoid gunk build up which will lock them in place.

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