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How to Remove Hot Tub Panels

This article will teach you how to quickly and easily remove and replace your Master Spas hot tub panels, skirting, and skirting parts.

When to replace or remove hot tub panels

In order to get to the hot tub pump and heater you will need to remove the side panels, or skirting. If there is a problem with either part the only way to replace them is to remove the side first. Replace any damaged panels. Damage that should be cause for immediate panel replacement are cracks, breaks, or holes. Removing the side panel is not needed to remove speaker faces.

Steps to Remove Hot Tub Panels

  1. Order known replacement screws and parts

    If you know your hot tub panel assembly is missing parts you will want to order them before you begin. Order parts simply and easily from this link to skirting parts. Always order replacement screws, thumbscrews, skirting vents, washers, matching snap caps, pins, and threaded inserts for wood before replacing the panels if you know you will need them. Note: it never hurts to have extra of these parts just in case you have to make a hasty repair.

  2. Power off the hot tub

    Always power off your Master Spas hot tub before removing side panels. Inside the panels are often electrical parts and wires that lead to the pumps and heaters, radio and speakers. Power off to avoid any risk of electric shock due to worn or degraded wires or connections. If any of your wires or parts for the stereo system , heater, or pumps are damaged, make sure you replace them immediately to avoid further damage.

  3. Move the steps out of the way as needed, and unplug speaker assembly

    Many Master Spas come with steps for the outside of the hot tub. They allow easy access but often block the panel that needs to be removed for whatever reason. You can simply move the steps out of the way.

    If the panel you wish to remove has the speakers attached you will need to remove the side panels and unplug the speakers. Replace speakers if they are broken. Set the screws and the assembly aside in a safe place, careful not to misplace them.

  4. Remove round skirt vents and unscrew all screws from panel/skirt

    If the panel is question needs a skirt vent replaced you can remove it once the panel is off. Skirt vents are important to vent the underside of your Master Spas hot tub. This helps to cool the working parts and keeps them running smooth. It is highly recommended that you replace them if they become damaged to keep any rodents out from under the spa.

    The panel itself will have snap caps that match the wood grain color of your spa. Pop off the screw cover snap caps. They are small and round. These caps should be placed somewhere safe and out of the way taking care not to lose them. If you are missing snap caps you can replace them with new matching snap caps. Once the snap caps have been removed you can unscrew every screw on the panel you wish to remove. Make sure all are removed and set aside in a safe place. If any screws are damaged or missing you can replace them with new screws that are designed specifically for your hot tub.

    The panel has the last screw removed and can be removed. Set the panel aside and lay it face up on cardboard or some other surface that will not scratch your panel. Use this time to clean your panel while it is unattached. Near the tops and bottoms you may find build up that you cannot clean easily while it is attached.

  5. Detect missing or broken parts

    Use this time to find and replace any missing or damaged parts within your system. We have a multitude of certified replacement skirting and panel parts that can easily be ordered and delivered to your door. Make sure your parts match your hot tub. Do not use screws not designed for your panels as the poor fitting screws, washers, threaded inserts for wood, or pins may allow rot and other damage to occur to your hot tub over time.

  6. Reattach the panel and speaker assembly

    Once the parts inside are fixed and you wish to reattach your panel the process is very simple. Hold your panel up to the side of your hot tub and line up the screw holes. Screw in the screws with a drill or screwdriver. Do not over tighten your screws. Always use fitted washers and threaded inserts for wood to avoid cracking.

    If the panel had the speaker system attached at one point you can now reattach the speaker assembly. Hold the assembly up, lining the screw holes up. Tighten all screws just enough, do not over tighten. Once the panel is replaced you may power up your hot tub. Check all systems such as pumps, heaters, speaker systems, and radio to make sure they continue to work properly.