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How to Heat Hot Tub Water

Hot tub water being hot is IMPERATIVE (obviously!). Therefore, we are here to show you how to heat your hot tub efficiently and keep it running hot for the longevity of your hot tub!

How to Heat a Hot Tub

Heating a Master Spas hot tub is easy to understand. Your hot tub comes with an array of technology to keep and hold the temperature you set.

    1. The control panel already installed on the topside of your hot tub will allow you to set the desired temperature. Just follow the step-by-step guide on your instruction manual for your specific model.
    2. Your Master Spas hot tub has a heater already installed inside. This will accurately heat the water to the perfect temperature.
    3. The attached temperature sensor will relay the temperature of the hot tub to the control panel, which will in turn increase the heat within your hot tub to maintain that steady accurate temperature. This sensor is attached by a sensor mount.
    4. Use an insulated hot tub cover to retain heat easily.
    5. Finally, the walls and panels of your hot tub, which enclose the spa, will hold in the heat. You will notice tiny vents on the walls that will vent the heat from within as needed.

How to replace a damaged control panel and heater

If the control panel has been damaged you will need to replace it immediately in order to maintain a constant accurate temperature in your hot tub. Find your perfect certified Master Spas control panel and have it installed to maintain that heat.

If the heater itself has become damaged it will need to be replaced. Master Spas certified heaters can be found easily and already sorted on the heater page. A new heater is recommended if the temperature sensor on the installed heater is broken or if the heater itself has been damaged.

Keep the heat with an effective water pump

The water pump has a simple job. Pump the water through the filters and around the entire hot tub. An effective water pump will circulate water temperature as well. If the temperature is lagging behind and falling cold, the pump may not be working at peak performance. If water is cloudy and yet the filter is clean, the pump may have weakened. You will notice low pressure from jets as well. If the pump is determined to be the problem you can replace the pump with a certified part. Find the pump for your model and replace to maintain accurate temperature readings throughout your hot tub.

Retain the heat with a new hot tub cover

Hot tub covers are a great way to retain heat. An old and torn hot tub cover will not be as insulated as a brand new cover. Heat escapes through the top opening of your hot tub at all times during use and non-use. During the non-use hours it is important to use an undamaged insulated cover. This cover will hold the heat inside resulting in less work for the heaters, sensors, and other electronics. Not only that but the energy bill will be reduced slightly with the less power needed to heat the hot tub.

Use walls and panels for heat retention

Your Master Spas hot tub has come with side panels and a sturdy thick floor and seating area. The reason behind the walls is to cover vital parts from the elements and to help with retaining heat. The panels have vents on the sides to expel excess heat. With the airflow through the vents your hot tub can maintain the desired temperature easily. If a vent is damaged or lost order an easy to install replacement vent. If the side panel has missing screws, caps, washers, or extrusions; you can find the replacements easily and order. All panels should be complete with every screw in order to maintain durability and heat retention of your hot tub.