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How to Replace Your Hot Tub Filter

Is it time to change your filter? Well good thing you landed here, because this article will easily explain how to change the old hot tub filter on your Master Spas hot tub.

The filter on your Master Spas hot tub is a key component to water clarity and effective operation. It is time to change the filter if the water has been getting foggy, cloudy, milky, or otherwise unbearably dirty. Take a look at your filter and determine if the white color has vanished from the filter. If it has, you will need to change your filter. On average a Eco Pur Filter will last 6 to 9 months and outer paper filters can last from a 1 year to 1 1/2 years depending on the filter quality.

Which replacement hot tub filter is best?

After determining that your filter will need to be replaced, you will need to decide the right filter for your hot tub. Remember to check which filters are compatible with your specific hot tub. Eco Pur Filters are far superior to normal filters. They reduce the amount of chemicals you need to use, saving money in the long run. There is a compatible Eco Pur Filter for your Master Spas hot tub. The EcoPur filters allow for an increased amount of water flow through the filter as well. The high quality filters charge your hot tub water with ions, which speed up the cleaning process and make for a highly effective filtering process.

Step by Step Guide for Replacing Your Hot Tub Filter

  1. Remove the filter lid from the filter housing assembly – First you will want to remove the lid from the housing assembly on your hot tub. This lid is often large and round or rectangle on the top wall of your hot tub. Often the filter housing is on the corner. Many hot tub filter housings look different so find which housing is yours here. Usually your lid will have cup holders designed neatly into the lid. The housing holds your spa filter in place allowing smooth water flow through the filter. Removing the lid from this housing is simple and can be done with a twist or by simply lifting the lid up, depending on the model. Set the cover to the side, careful not to lose it.
  2. Remove the filter from the filter housing assembly – Once the lid is removed you will see housing parts over your filter that secure it in place. These parts on your filter will vary by design but overall they act in the same way. Unscrew the circular locking ring around your filter that holds it in place. Turning the locking ring to the left will loosen it from the housing assembly.

If your filter housing appears to be damaged

If your filter housing has been damaged, it will seriously diminish the power of your hot tub resulting in cloudy water, algae growth, and residue forming on the walls. It is recommended that you replace your housing if it has been damaged.

If your filter lid is damaged or missing

If you need to replace your lid on your Master Spas hot tub, you can find a variety of excellent replacement lids, from round to square. If your lid has a cracked O-Ring, you can replace it quickly with a new O-Ring.