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AquaChek Guide

AquaChek test strips provide you with all of the important spa water results in just one dip! Whether you use AquaChek yellow, red, or the Aquachek TruTest test strips and digital meter, you’ll get accurate results regarding your hot tub’s water impurities in seconds.

How to use AquaChek test strips

Getting your spa water results is easier than ever! Simply take one of your AquaChek Silver 7-Way Test Strips and dip it into your spa. Make sure you go at least elbows depth and remove right away. While holding it level, let the test strip sit for 15 seconds. After that time, you will compare the color on the strip, to the color on the AquaChek Color Chart located on the bottle. During this time, be sure not to wipe or dry the test strip. Be sure to read the results in daylight to get the proper color, and never reuse!

How to use AquaChek TruTest

AquaChek TruTest Reader ( Chlorine or Bromine ) is a super simple way to test your hot tubs spa water levels! It tests for Free Chlorine (Blue) or Bromine (Red), pH, and total Alkalinity. 

  1. Turn the reader ON by pressing power button

  2. Press the start button, and dip a strip into your hot tub simultaneously.

  3. Remove the test strip immediately and lightly shake off any extra water on the strip.

  4. Place the tip of the strip in the back end of the unit - lay it flat with the pad side down.

  5. Whatever you do, don't slide the test strip across the glass!

  6. Wait for results - without holding onto the strip!

What to do after your test results?

Once the test strip has finished developing - you will find out which chemicals you need to balance in your spa! These indicators include total hardness, total chlorine or bromine, pH, total alkalinity, and cyanuric acid.

The test strip will correlate to the colors found on the color sheet on the bottle. Once you identify which chemical levels your hot tub currently has, you will then add the proper hot tub chemicals to balance out the water properly. 

AquaChek Manuals

There are a handful AquaChek manuals that will help you navigate your AquaChek test strips and AquaChek TruTest. We have compiled a list of the AquaChek instruction manuals in a PDF format. Find those manuals below to answer any impending questions you may have!

AquaChek Tips

Maintaining the water in your hot tub doesn’t require a degree in chemistry. Test strips can, and do, give accurate test results more quickly and easily than any other method. As with any test kit, there are several factors that can be controlled to ensure the validity of the test results. By following the tips below, you can also ensure that test strips provide an accurate method for measuring the chemical properties of your hot tub.

  • Follow the directions that came with your testing kit

    This may seem like an obvious one but test strips are continually improving, and you should never assume that the directions on one container are going to apply to another container's strips. In addition, not all manufacturers' test strips are the same, so it is essential to read and follow the directions on each container.

  • Store test strips in a low humidity environment at room temperature

    Test strips will be most effective over a long period of time if they are stored properly.  Suitable storage will give you confidence in your results until the product has reached the date of expiration.

  • Keep moisture away from the test strip container

    Prevent moisture from entering the bottle of unused strips.  It is important that moisture not be introduced to the test strips until you use them. The test strips won't know the difference between the water on your fingers and hot tub water! Use dry hands to extract a test strip from the bottle and use a dry towel to secure and unsecure the lid on the bottle. This will help ensure the test strips remain untainted.

  • Do not use expired test strips

    Most containers of test strips will display an expiration date somewhere on the container.  Always be aware of this date when using or purchasing test strips. Regardless of how the container has been stored or handled, test strips have a definite shelf life and should not be used after the product has expired.  Using test strips after this date will likely lead to inaccurate results.  Therefore, replace any bottles that have expired.

  • Keep filters clean and jets on (whenever possible)

    AquaChek’s products rely heavily on filtration. Regular and proper cleaning of your hot tub filters are pivotal to their success and accuracy. AquaChek works better with air in the water too. Leave the air intakes open between uses. If possible, aim the jets upwards to increase water agitation when you are not in the hot tub or are preparing to test.

Need Aquachek test strips or TruTest refills?

Master Spa Parts carries the AquaChek test strips and TruTest readers. You can find those AquaChek test strips and TruTest refills here! Anytime you need to refill, we have what you need!