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How to Measure for a Master Spa Smart Top Cover

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Smart Top Covers are custom-made to fit your spa’s exact size and corner measurements. It’s important to carefully measure your spa to ensure that the Smart Top Cover you order will have a tight, secure fit. We recommend measuring the spa yourself using the Smart Top Measuring Guide below. (Do not rely on the manufacturer’s dimensions as they frequently change!)

How to Measure for a Master Spa Smart Top Cover

Measure for A, B and C (Hinge) Lengths

Measure each of these lengths in inches, and round them up to nearest ½ inch. Be sure to record the dimensions from the outside of your spa shell (do not measure the old cover). We recommend rounding up the nearest ½ inch, as a spa cover will still fit well if it is a little larger. You can run into trouble if you measure too small, as the new cover may be too tight to fit the shell.

Measure the Corner Radius

Next, you need to measure the spa’s rounded corners. To do this, we recommend using a carpenter’s square. Place the square at the outside corner of the shell and determine the distance between the square’s inside corner and the spot where it touches the spa’s corner. That distance will be your radius. (In the example above, the radius is 6 inches.) Depending on your measurement, we can help you decide whether a 6”, 8” or 10” radius will be your best option. (TIP: Don’t have a carpenter’s square? Try using a tape measure and a straight edge instead.)

Measure the Height of the Acrylic

Finally, you need to measure the height from the top of the acrylic on your spa to the bottom of the acrylic. (Please reference the illustration above.) This measurement should be taken in inches, rounded up to the nearest ¼” inch.

Still have questions about how to measure for your Smart Top Cover order? Call our Customer Service Team today at 855-308-2149. We are available seven days a week to help you!