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Spa Crystals Fragrances

Spa Crystals Fragrances are the finishing touch to your overall spa experience! These Master Spa Fragrances offer a divine combination of Epson salts, pacific sea salts, and essential oils formulated to provide maximum therapeutic results. We offer Spa Crystals in several different fragrances, each complete with a deluxe scooper and a re-sealable bag. Only one scoop per soak is enough to elevate your spa experience to the next level!

Features of Spa Crystals Spa Fragrances

Spa fragrances from Spa Crystals are unique for a variety of different reasons:

These fragrances are specifically created for spas and hot tubs. While other companies may make general aromatherapy supplies, Spa Crystal produces specific fragrances only for the spa industry.

Contain the highest concentration of fragrance available, while being safe and non-toxic for your water.

Only one scoop of fragrance is needed per soak and you’re all set to go with your spa experience.

Questions About Spa Crystal Fragrances?

A Master Spa Parts customer service team member is more than happy to discuss different questions you may have about aromatic product offerings! Feel free to call us today at 855-308-2149.

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