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How to Shock a Hot Tub

If you want to make sure your hot tub water is free of all debris and nasty containments, there is one sound way to do it: SHOCK IT! Shocking your tub can clear up cloudy water, remove nasty compounds, kill bacteria, remove chlorines (and bromines), as well as reactivating bromides. In the interest of taking the best care of your hot tub that you can - you have to be diligent about shocking it... whether after frequent usage, before you even use it, or after it’s been dormant for a while.

How to Shock Your Hot Tub

  1. First, remove the hot tub cover so the air is circulating and clear (breathing is important)!
  2. Make sure that your pH levels of your hot tub water are between 7.4 and 7.6. [To know what pH levels are, check our Ideal Water Balance Care Guide]
  3. Leave the circulation pump on and running, but turn off the air in the jets. You want to make sure the water is still moving in some capacity.
  4. Add shock (Such as SpaBoss Shock) to your hot tub, and be sure to measure the correct amount you need depending on how many gallons is in your hot tub.

It’s important to remember...

  • Be extra careful when adding the shock as it’s a chemical and can be harmful if spilled.
  • If the shock is spilled, clean it right away. More importantly, you should always wear gloves (and also googles) when dealing with chemicals!
  • Test the water with test strips before returning to the water. If the chlorine levels are average (at least 5ppm), you’re good to go! It depends on how much shock you have used, as it can take between 20 minutes to 12 hours for the levels to normalize.