Winterization Tips for Hot Tubs

After a long relaxing season of hot tub use, it’s extremely important to properly winterize your hot tub. Improper closure of your home spa for the cold weather months can lead to costly damages, which require expensive repairs. Winterization can be done by yourself, but if you have any doubts about how to winterize a hot tub and need assistance, you can seek help from the experts at Master Spa Parts.

Follow these steps to ensure proper winterization of your hot tub...


How to Winterize A Hot Tub


Step 1: First and foremost, shut off the power to your hot tub by either turning off the circuit breaker responsible for the spa’s power or if accessible, unplug your hot tub. Once the power has been turned off to the hot tub, remove the cover to the spa.

Step 2: Next, drain the water from your spa bit either connecting a hose to the bottom drain spout of the hot tub or by using a submersible pump to pump the water out. No matter which way you remove the water from the spa, be sure to leave the bottom drain spout open when done.

Step 3:  After the water is removed, turn off the spa heater.

Step 4: If you have an air channel and air blower—put the cover to the spa back on, turn the spa’s circuit breaker back on, and let the blower run for about a minute or so. This will help blow water out of the air channel under the spa seats. If you do not have a blower, you can skip this procedure

Step 5: Take apart all of the spa parts and components, so that water is completely removed. Use a wet/dry vacuum to suck or blow water out of the lines. Clean the vents and the filters by removing and soaking them in cleaning solution, which will help remove any residual oil and sediments. Be sure to also mop up any remaining water from the tub so that it is completely dry.

Step 6: Place your cover back on top of the spa. Use a thermal, fiberglass or wood hard cover to protect the spa during the winter months.

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These types of covers help to prevent seepage of water into the tub. Use a protective tarp on the top of the spa cover and secure it tightly with bungee cords and/or ropes so that it doesn’t blow off from the wind. Be sure to clear off snow as needed throughout the season to reduce stress on the hot tub cover.


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on February 11, 2013 and has been updated in order to provide a more detailed description of winterization maintenance practices.