Winter Preparations for Your Spa

Spas and hot tubs need their own share of pampering. Do you own one? In case you do, you would know how careful you have to be each time you take a spa session.

Though regular maintenance of a hot tub is something that cannot be avoided, come winter and the kind of care that the hot tub requires shifts from the mundane cleaning to something more typical.


Winterizing or preparing your spa for winters is an essential part of spa care. It ensures that the hot tub parts remain intact during the chilly season. Here is what you ought to do before the freezing season sets in.

1. Draining and Cleaning: The first step of winterizing your spa is to drain off the water inside the hot tub and clean each and every spa accessory or part. See to it that the shell of the hot tub as well as the parts is completely dry before you take the next step.

2. Unplug: The second thing that you will be required to do is to cut the power supply from the circuit board to the spa or the hot tub.

3. Cover: Thirdly, you need to neatly and completely cover the hot tub using a hot tub cover. Pick a good quality cover for your hot tub. The material that the cover is made of should be sturdy enough to withstand hail, snow and rain. Floating thermal covers might keep the water inside water. However, there has to be something that is solid enough to refrain the snow from entering in the water.

In case you are planning to use the spa in winter, you will not have to winterize it. Nonetheless, keep it covered at times that you are not using it. Before using the spa or the hot tub you will also be required to switch on the heater of the spa at least half an hour before you usually do.

Make sure that you use Master Spa Hot Tubs during noon or late mornings so that the water inside doesn’t freeze because of the dropping temperatures during early morning or in late evening/night. These are some of the tips that you should resort to so as to make the most out of a winter spa session.

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