Why Master Spas are America’s leading luxury hot tubs ?

Alright, we all love that mesmerizing soak in our home spa after  a long tiring day or on a holiday. The definition of a contemporary spa has changed entirely with the pinch of luxury added to it. Master Spas leads the race undoubtedly. Here is a video and the transcription justifying why Master Spas are America’s leading luxury hot tubs…

Soothing to your eyes, reinvigorating to your body and relaxing for your mind. Master Spas is the very definition of wellness. Master Spas‘ 2008 Legend Series Extreme models combine the perfect blend of art and science to give you the ultimate relaxation machine. Graceful curving lines and a subtle blend of LED lights and water features turn the Master Spa into a work of art. Newly-sculpted air controls and diverter valves add a look of sophistication, and the air controls are backlit, as part of the standard LED package. Even the new filter weir enhances the elegant, luxurious look of the Master Spa with a unique rain forest waterfall, and practical touches like exterior lighting that turns on automatically when it’s dark, make a Master Spa not just easy on the eyes, but easy to use, but the good looks of a Master Spa are just the beginning of why Master Spas are America’s leading luxury hot tubs.

Keep your hot tube in great shape with our wide selection of Master Spa Legend Series parts!

Unbelievable performance and world class comfort is found in every Master Spa, with up to 115 high-performance jets delivering therapy to virtually every muscle group in your body. The reverse-molded stress relief seat reaches the hard-to-get muscles in your neck and shoulders, while the signature Extreme Therapy seat wraps your body in therapy, with up to 22 jets for your back, hips, even your wrist and hands. And the dual 15 nozzle Master Blasters deliver the industry’s best foot therapy. The all-new Dura Master premium skirt has the same toughness and durability that made the original legendary, but with an all-new look, fit, and finish. Or choose from three new designer colors in the optional Master Select skirt or complement your landscaping with the realistic Dreamstone skirting. No matter which one you choose, these skirts will never go out of style.

What’s new with the Master Spa Parts Legend Series?

Master Spas hasn’t just dramatically improved existing models, they’ve added two new cutting-edge models with available amenities like an iPod-ready premium Kenwood stereo, with built-in spa side remote, or the Spa Theater System with a new wide screen 19 inch high def TV, with smoking Dolby 5.1 surround sound. The all new LSX850 is a 94 by 94 inch non-lounge that features Master Spa’s exclusive new Comfort Wedge for the most incredible calf and thigh therapy. Stretch out your legs on the Comfort Wedge and sit back and relax while you receive a full body massage from strategically located jets.

LSX1000 2008 Features

The brand new LSX1000 is a luxury hot tub like no other. The Sun Optimization Lounge is a specially designed shallow lounger that allows you to sunbathe. The rest of the spa has seating for up to seven adults, and has 115 jets, plus two 15 nozzle Master Blasters driven by four powerful therapy pumps, plus a 24 hour circulation pump to maximize filtration and water clarity. A wide variety of water features, including a cascading waterfall, make the LSX1000 not only one of the best hot tubs ever created, but one of the best-looking, too. The 2008 Master lineup is perfectly created for you to relax, revive, and restore. Master Spas, the ultimate relaxation machine.

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