How to Save Your Hot Tub from Chemical Damage

Spas and hot tubs are perhaps the most beautiful and rejuvenating way of de-stressing. These vessels radiate an extremely luxurious feel. Keeping them beautiful and new-like requires the owner to spend some time regularly on the maintenance of the spa. Chemical damage, for example, is one mistake that no spa can spare. Because a hot tub or a spa is much smaller in size to a pool, the scope for being careless with chemical usage is also a lot less in case of the former.


1. Do Not Use Cheap Chemicals: Using cheap chemicals is a complete NO! Do not compromise on the quality of chemicals just because they are available in the market at a cheap rate. Cheaper alternatives to spaboss chemicals have a shorter hot tub shelf life. Moreover, they are also not as effective as the original ones.

2. Do Not Use Pool Chemicals: Refrain from using pool chemicals in your hot tub. Specifically spa chemicals must be used for spa and spa water maintenance. Do not use any chemical used for pools in your spa, in any case.

3. Clean and Drain the Spa Regularly: It is required that you drain and clean the spa or hot tub every 3-4 months, in case you use them every alternate day. The film and/or funk should be cleaned using spa-friendly equipment that does not damage its surface. You should always add the chemicals to your hot tub or spa after cleaning the vessel thoroughly.

4. PROPER TESTING: The pH testing of your spa or hot tub should be something that you must do every twice or thrice a week. Low alkaline and pH levels can cause corrosion while high levels of these substances can also be harmful. For maintaining the balance, there are chemicals like pH increasers and decreasers, available in the markets.

Careful and conscious use of chemicals in your hot tub or spa will save you not just the money on its maintenance but also help increase the hot tub shelf life of your Master Spa.

The spa or hot tub filters as well as other spa parts will also enjoy a strong shelf life if proper and appropriate chemical usage is paid attention to. Follow the above mentioned steps and your job is half done. Above all, you need to be regular with checking the condition of the spa parts, regularly.