Master Spa Parts Top 7 Hot Tub Tips

Here are some of our favorite and most beneficial hot tub tips from the Master Spa Parts blog!

7.Hot Tub Myths

Although owning a spa or hot tub is a super luxurious and fun experience, but there are a few common myths about hot tubs… Our customers seemed much interested in these, check out our post “Top Myths about a Spa or Hot Tub” and get enlightened!

6.Hot Tub Winter Care

Improper closure during winters can lead to damages in your hot tub or spa. There are some important tips to remember while winterizing your hot tub or spa. Hot tub owners value such information and thus, this post ranks in the top 7! Our number 6# post Winterization Tips for Hot Tubs shares some important steps on hot tub winterization .

5.How important could be a spa cover lift?

This is something of perennial interest to hot tub owners. Our post Using Spa Cover Lift to Protect Your Hot Tub Cover elucidates the benefits of a spa cover lift that is affordable, easy to use, and excellent for protecting the spa from the various elements. These lifters offer extra help that you might need!

4.Hot tub running cost

Costs of Running a Spa or a Hot Tub came in at number 4#. It’s good that more and more people are becoming cost conscious and value money. The wrong cost estimation of running or owning a spa results in endless dissatisfied customers. And we do not want that!

3.Master Spas H2X

An informed buying experience is certainly the best and so implies for every purchase, most importantly to bigger buys like hot tubs or home spas. What can be better than a LIVE product comparison? Our post Master Spas H2X – Undisputed winner of the Swim Spa Challenge Was the third most popular post of the year. As this post covers the company’s recently conducted consumer spa comparison event and invited a large group of consumers to take the Swim Spa Challenge.

2.Spa Leaks?

As the number of spa owners increases year by year, the need for knowledge on hot tub maintenance and repairs gains momentum. Our post “Spa Leak Repairs Made Simple” came in at number 2# with timely advice for hot tub owners on how to repair spa leaks in an easy way.

1.How important is spa jet cleaning for you and your hot tub?

Spas and hot tubs require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure proper operation and a long useful life. Although most spa parts are cleaned regularly, spa jets are often ignored. However, these jets can become soiled and dirt and minerals accumulate with prolonged usage. How to clean spa jets? You found out in our 1# post: Tips to Clean Spa Jets in an Easy Way

Editors Note: Content was originally created in May, 2014 and has been updated as of November, 2016 to reflect current and updated Master Spa Parts articles.

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