Tips to Reduce Spa Repair Costs

Hot Tub Filters

Hot Tub Filters

So, you are a proud owner of a spa or hot tub and value your precious investment like every other spa owner. With the rejuvenating benefits of your spa comes along the responsibility of the repair and maintenance of your spa or hot tub. Your complex spa system is an amalgamation of several small and big spa parts that may malfunction sooner or later. Once your hot tub is out of warranty, the hot tub repair cost can be taxing on your pocket.

Here are a few useful tips that can aid you to control or lessen this cost and will save you from making unwanted expenditures –

Taking care of the spa filter – Spa filters play a very crucial role in the smooth functioning of your spa and it is imperative that you take good care of your eco pur spa filter in return. Rinse your spa filter with plain water using a garden hose at least twice a month to remove accumulated dust and debris from it. You can clean your filter more frequently, if you are a more frequent user of the hot tub.

Spa filter replacement – Other than a regular cleaning, replacement of a spa filter is vital every year to ensure safe and efficient running of your spa. Replacing hot tub filters on time ascertains that the worn out filter is not trapping the contaminants and making the spa water unsafe to use. Also, old filters lay more stress on the spa pumps or hot tub plumbing parts ultimately encouraging the malfunctioning of the spa system and increasing overall repair costs.

Leaks – Leakage is the most dangerous and injurious trouble for a spa or hot tub. Small leaks, if detected at an early stage can prevent worsening of the situation and avert you from paying extensive repair costs. Leakages can lead to linking of water with electricity, which can be further very hazardous for the spa users. To avoid such conditions, new spas are also equipped with GFCI breakers that shut down the spa system just before the electricity-water contact. Checking for leaks is the most inexpensive way to avoid bigger repair costs.