First things first, every luxury in life comes with a warranty. And while you must use some of the finest things in life, such as a hot tub, regularly, using them in the right way is a prerequisite. Therefore, while you spend your time in a spa to relax and rejuvenate, you have to take care of certain things to take care that you are not abusing it.

Though there is no set of guidelines that you should follow, common sense has it that doing certain things when in a hot tub are an absolute ‘NO’. The following are certain things that you must not do while in a Master Spa hot tub:

Master Spa hot tubs

Master Spa hot tubs

1. Sip on Alcohol: Alcohol can raise the temperature of your body. Because the temperature in your hot tub is already steaming hot, drinking alcohol in your hot tub further increases the temperature of your body. This can cause dizziness. If the body temperature rises too much, you can even faint. This situation becomes pretty dangerous.

2. Jump or Skip: Kids who are below the age of 13 should not be allowed to run, jump or skip around in the office. Because kids are careless while they are playing, the risk of them getting injured by tripping in the tub, increase.

3. Turn off the Power: Unless and until you are not going to use the hot tub this season, you don’t have any reason to switch off the power. Turn off the power only when you the hot tub does not have water in it. In winters, switching off the power with the water filled in the hot tub is equal to disaster. This can cause the water inside the hot tub to freeze. Moreover, it can lead to breakage.

4. Raising the Temperature Above 104 Degrees: People often have this one question in mind. And that is regarding the range of temperature that they should keep their spa temperature at. Raising the temperature above 104 degree F is inviting trouble. A maximum of 102 degrees F is the maximum.

The above listed are four do not’s that everyone must adhere with when in a MasterSpa hot tub or spa. If you follow all of the above listed, you will be making sure that your spa experience always turns out to a pleasant one.

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