How to Maintain Hot Tub Water Balance

The Maintenance of Balance of the Hot Tub Water

Do you find the experience of relaxing in the hot tub exhilarating? Do you find the warm water moving across your body soothing? While you are enjoying the hot tub experience, it is also equally pertinent that you are aware of how to maintain hot tub water balance. Undrained water

The water in the hot tub spa is undrained and therefore it becomes necessary it be checked and ensures that the hot tub is safe for future use. In order that hot tub is maintained clean and hygienic at all times it is vital that the water within the tub is clean and healthy. This will ensure that there is no accumulation of dirt and germs. Failure to maintain the sanity of the water within the tub will result in the aggregation of stains giving the tub an ugly look. Dirty water in the tub will result in the growth of fungus and algae that make the hot tub unusable.

Hot Tub Spa

Hot Tub Spa

Several harmful germs and bacteria grow in warm water. The warm hot tub water therefore makes for an excellent breeding ground for these microscopic germs and the usage of such a hot tub will result in severe infections.

The role of Sanitizers
Sanitizers are cleaners used to maintain the sanity of the water in the Master Spa. They can be in the form of chemicals such as chlorine, bromine or even in the form of commercial products like spa frog or pristine blue. The primary task of the Sanitizers is to ensure that the alkalinity or the pH level of hot tub water is maintained at all times. This can be done by making use of a pH meter.

Some of the other aspects that need to be checked are the alkalinity of the water. Lesser reading of the alkalinity infers that the water is acidic. This is damaging for the very hot tub and accessories. Another aspect that must be looked into the presence of calcium. The presence of salts like calcium or magnesium must be at the required levels else, the water proves to be corrosive to the metallic accessories in the hot tub. Higher levels of these two salts result in the formation of cloudy water.

The best way to tackle the water related problems in the hot tub is recycling the water once in four months.