Why It Is Important to Use Eco Pur Filters

The biggest liability of any spa owner is the maintenance and upkeep of the spa machine. Thousands of dollars have to be spent every year to keep the chemical balance in order. However, with the proper know how and smart shopping habits users can buy machines that are more effective and incur less maintenance cost. As per experts, the best tubs are those that come with Eco Pur filters.

Eco Pur Filters

Eco Pur Filters

Eco Pur filtration system is a unique filtration method used specifically with Master Spas. These filters are available in their Twilight, Legend, Down East, and Legacy series. The main motive behind such technology is to reduce chemical use and weekly maintenance.

Here is how it works:

The water goes through several levels of purification before re-entering the tub. Here are the various stages of these hot tub filters:

Step 1-Macro Pre Filter

During the Macro Filtration stage, a coarse filter is used to remove large chunks of debris and contaminants that enter the filtration system. This increases the cartridge’s life and helps in higher flow rates.

Depth Loading

This part of the filter allows the oils and dirt to load inside a special medium rather than being trapped on the filter’s surface. This permits the filter to lock in a ton of debris. Once full, owners can clean it by taking it out.

Eco Pur Polishing Filters

This part helps in destroying algae, bacteria, and fungi that might be present, with the help of a mineral process that has been accepted as a standardized treatment for drinking water. Eco Pur Polishing Filters also reduce excess bromine and chlorine after chemical shock.

Part 4: Ozonation

The system makes use of a powerful Corona Discharge Ozone generator to destroy metals and bacteria completely.

Eco Pur hot tub filters have to be replaced bi-annually to ensure that the natural elements of the water are retained. The filter can be bought through any authorized dealer and should be utilized in combination with the Micro filter offered by Master Spa, which has to be replaced annually. While Eco Pur filters are available at a price of $60 per piece, Micro filter runs a price of about $55 through most sellers.