Top Ten Spa Accessories for 2016

Add some extra comfort, excitement, and relaxation to your spa experience with hot tub accessories!

Every year the spa industry comes out with new fresh designs for master spa accessories to enhance your overall spa experience! Spa accessories can be useful, comforting, and an overall beneficial addition to your Master Spa. We’ve put together a list of ten best spa accessories for 2016 that we think take the cake for enhancing your hot tub experience:

1. Spa Pillows:

Spa pillows not only work as a comfortable headrest, but also add a luxury feel to your hot tub. These come in various shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

2. Spa Stairs:

Spa stairs are trendy and functional! They provide an additional support for getting in and out of your Master Spa!


3. Spa Floating Games:

With an assortment of fun floating games, spending time in your pool or spa with family and/or friends has never been more fun! Anyone up for a game of poker? Deal me in.


4. Spa Cover Lifters:

Spa cover lifters are used in helping you easily take your spa cover on and off. Cover lifters reduce the workload and minimizes the effort that goes into otherwise lifting the cover. They make your overall spa experience easier than ever before.


5. Spa Covers:

Block out the dirt and dust from getting into your spa by covering them up with a highly durable, good quality spa cover. Spa covers keep the water inside your hot tub sparkling clean and debris free.


6. Spa Fragrances:

Spa fragrances add a soothing sense of calm to your spa, creating a more luxurious spa experience. From jasmine to rose to orange and more, you can choose whichever scent is most enticing to you.


7. Spa Filters:

Spa filters are an essential part to keeping your spa running efficiently. They are needed to keep the water inside your spa absolutely free of the dust, dirt and scum.


8. Spa Candles:

These spa candles are purely for aesthetic purposes and bring a calming, serene mood to your spa experience. If you need to de-stress from a long day or simply relax with a special someone in your hot tub, candles are a sure thing to set the mood!


9. Spa Lighting:

Thinking about hosting a fun and exciting hot tub party? Make sure you have awesome spa lighting to set the mood and get the party started!


10. Spa Side Tables:

Spa side tables make your spa experience so much easier. Easily have your reading books, smartphones, food, drinks, and more within arms reach yet safe from the water.


Editors Note: Content was originally created in June, 2014 and has been updated as of October, 2016 to reflect current, popular spa accessories.