Taking Care of Eco Pur Spa Cartridge Filters!

Ecopur filter

Spa filters are an essential part of your spa or hot tub that enhances your spa experience by giving you dirt free, clean water. An Eco pur filter helps remove all types of debris from the water like hair, dirt, leaves, etc. The cartridge filters have the power to eradicate the harmful bacteria and microbes from the water to keep you and your family healthy.

The Ecopur filter is a cartridge filter, the most common and the most effective filter used in spas or hot tubs. Taking good care of the spa filter  is a must to maintain clean, clear water.

Here are few things to consider to prolong the life of your filters…

Calcium build-up

High calcium content and imbalanced pH levels tend to increase calcium build up on the filter cartridge. Test your pH regularly to maintain the proper levels and use a stain and scale controller to decrease calcium build up.  By decreasing mineral build up on your eco pur filter, you will also decrease corrosion of the filter paper by the minerals.

Proper sanitizer levels

Make sure to maintain proper sanitizer levels in the spa.  If your water’s chlorine or bromine levels are too concentrated, the sanitizers can corrode filter paper, causing small holes and tears which would allow debris to bypass the filter.  Make sure to test your water’s chemistry regularly and maintain the parts per million concentration suggested in your hot tub’s owner’s manual.

Soaking in an approved cartridge cleaner

While rinsing your filter regularly will remove most debris from the filter, it is also suggested to soak the filter in an approved cartridge cleaner.  Cartridge cleaners are usually acid based and will dissolve any dirt, mineral deposits, oils, and/or other contaminants lodged in your filter’s paper.  If you are rinsing your filters regularly, it is suggested to soak the filter in cartridge every 4 months, or more frequently depending on the use and maintenance of your hot tub.

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