Spa Leak Repairs Made Simple

There are various areas in your spa hot tub that might experience leaking. It can be tough to find the source of leakage, but things can be simplified if you know where to start.

Parts that May Leak

•    Heater Assembly Manifold

•    Wet End Seal of Spa Pump

•    Knife, Gate Valves and Pump Slice

•    PVC Plumbing Parts and Tubes

•    Acrylic Spa Shell

•    Jet Bodies

Repair Diagnostics

•    Disconnect the power and inspect the equipment section of the spa. If there is a leakage underneath, it indicates a pump seal failure. If there is a leak detected, install a new seal or replace the pump as required.

Hot Tub Pump

•    Check the hot tub pump and heater settings. The unions can come loose on a brand new spa during shipment, and needs to be tightened by hand. If it is impossible, loosen the pump mounting bolts, align the parts, fix the unions and re-tighten the mounting bolts of the pump. Do not use a wrench for tightening.

•    Check the pressure switch, heater and surrounding parts and replace any if there is a leak.

•    Inspect the valves for repairing or replacement. Knife-type valves can be at times bolted together. They contain a gasket which can fail upon freezing or with bad water conditions. It should be noted that the valves are pre-installed on both sides of the pump to avoid replacing the pump for draining the water. However, these valves often do more harm than good. They often cause leaks. This is why they are often removed.

•    Examine the jets, pipes and connections, and repair if there is leakage.

Spa Hot Tub

Spa Hot Tub

•    Analyze the shell of the spa hot tub for crack and patch with a repair kit. Plast-aid Acrylic and PVC Repair Kit is better than resin or epoxy as it creates a molecular bonding with plastic stronger than acrylic or PVC.

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