Spa & Hot Tub Safety Tips for Parents

Spa & Hot Tub Safety

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The word ‘spa’ or ‘hot tub’ has a distinctive definition in every mind. Some look at it as an equipment to banish stress and some find it as a cool backyard space to party. You also must have some romantic moments, good times or happy memories associated with your spa. Right? However, the other side of the coin is dreadful! Spa and hot tubs are a lethal attraction for kids and pets. Drowning deaths and accidents in spa, pools and hot tubs is a great threat and cause for little members of the family.

Here are some crucial hot tub safety tips for parents to create a safer spa environment for children:

When you have both, a kid and spa at your home, you must arrange for safety fence that has to be at least 4 feet in height and have an automatically closing door. This will certainly keep kids and pets away from the in ground spas and hot tubs.You can employ a door or spa alarm to avoid any unwanted occurrences.

•    A spa cover is an ultimate solution! Use a spa cover to keep water loaded spa or hot tub covered when not in use.
•    Use special drain covers to avoid entrapments.
•    If you have an indoor spa, keep the spa room locked when the spa is not in use.
•    Teach youngsters how to swim or if they are too young to learn swimming explain to them about the possible dangers related to the spa usage.

Other spa safety tips to consider…

•    Keep a phone near your spa or hot tub area to act immediately in case of emergency.
•    Be very attentive and watchful when your kids are in or around the spa or hot tub.
•    Teach your kids essential hot tub safety tips.
•    Keep the Spa Boss Spa Shock or other spa chemicals away from the reach of children.
•    Keep the children away from spa drains, pipes or other open hot tub parts and supplies to evade entrapments.

As a parent, it is your job to take every measure crucial to ascertain the safety of your kids. A child is the biggest asset for a parent and a few vital steps can keep this asset safe and healthy.