A Guide to Hot Tub Covers and Cover Lifts

Are you feeling that the hot tub that you own has been becoming dirty of late? Do you feel that making use of a suitable cover for the hot tub will help in the maintenance of the hot tub and will provide protection against any object falling into it? Hot tub covers play a vital role in preventing the entry of small children without adult supervision.  They are more important than accessories like the spa pillows.

Spa Pillows

Spa Pillows

The necessity of hot tub covers

Hot tub covers either accompany the tub at the time of purchase or can be made to order after the measurements. Hot tubs essentially reduce the heating bills by containing the temperature of the water within the tub.

The benefit of making use of a good quality hot tub is felt in the outdoor hot tubs. The covers provide the best protection in the harshest of weather and in snowy conditions.

The hot tub covers that are being made today make use of the tough ethylene foams that have been designed to withstand any amount of water or snow. They are fitted with the relevant child locks and safety removal handles.

Spa cover handles are also an essential element in the spas. It is necessary that the handles are sufficiently sturdy and robust to ensure that the heavy spa covers can be easily heaved open. It is equally important that the handles must be simpler to install and very user friendly. It is also highly essential that the handles sustain a long period of usage.

Spa Cover Lifts

Spa Cover Lifts

The cover handles are being made as per the mandate of the hot tub so that they can be installed as per the weight of the spa cover.

Different categories of cover lifters

Hydraulic: – The one prominent feature of the hydraulic lifters is that they can be operated with ease. Also termed as gas assisted or power driven lifters, they can be effortlessly lifted by a single hand. The usage of these cover lifters will ensure that the life of the spa cover is substantially extended.

Manual: – Manual cover lifters may not be as powerful and effective as the hydraulic lifters but they work out to be highly economical. The pivot lifters are an easy way to lift the heavy spa covers.

The manual spa cover roller lifts are another effective way of sliding the cover from over the hot tub or spa.