hot tub outside in winter chaletAs the weather starts to get cooler, many people start to use their hot tub more. Nothing is more relaxing than jumping into your warm spa during those bitter cold nights. However, many people don’t know that there are steps you have to take to ensure your hot tub or spa is ready for winter. Following these easy steps will not only help get the most out of your spa, but also increase it’s longevity so you can enjoy it for many winters to come.

Draining the Water

The first thing you should do to prepare your spa for winter is drain the water. The water should be changed every 3 to 4 months since non-organic contaminants (like sunscreen and salt from perspiration) can make your hot tub water cloudy, and cause chemical imbalances. Draining the water, ensures it will stay sanitized and look great!

Clean the Spa

After draining the water, wipe down the spa to clean off any residue. It’s best to use vinegar or denatured alcohol for wiping down the spa’s surface. To clean the acrylic surfaces, use a soft damp cloth and a household soap or liquid detergent. We never recommend using any cleaning products containing abrasives because they often dull the surface. We also don’t suggest using Bon-Ami, Comet, Ajax, or Lysol as harsh chemicals should never be used on acrylic surfaces.

Check Cover

Now that the hot tub is drained and properly cleaned, it’s time clean the cover! Use SpaBoss ReStore on both the outside and inside. SpaBoss Restore includes a UV inhibitor which prevents UV rays from dulling or damaging the material, and its formula cuts through grease and grime fast to restore like-new shine and vibrance to your hot tub cover.

Stock Up On Chemicals

Once you’ve got your spa and cover completely cleaned it’s time to add your chemicals! With the SpaBoss Hot Tub Chemical Kit, you’ll be dipping into your spa or hot tub in no time! Your kit includes everything you need to prepare and maintain your spa or hot tub, including Prevent II, Spa-Shock, Chlor-Aid, Master Clear Test Strips, pH Plus, and pH Minus. As an all-in-one spa and hot tub treatment kit, the SpaBoss Hot Tub Chemical Starter Kit has everything you need to get your spa or hot tub up and running for winter — and ensure it is always safe and ready to use.