Post Calamity Fixes for Your Hot Tub or Spa

Natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and storms cause a lot of damage. They can strike anywhere, anytime. They come without warning and are absolutely unstoppable. There are of course interventions that can prevent damage if they are predicted in time.

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All said and done, millions of people, in fact entire regions are doomed if a disastrous natural calamity strikes. These calamities leave no choice but to rebuild everything from scratch. Even hot tubs and spas have to bear the brunt of these calamities. When normalcy begins to settle, the time to repair and redo begins. So, how does one undo the damage done to their spas and hot tubs? The following are a few ways:

1. Be Careful about the Power Supply: One of the most important things to understand is that cutting the power is absolutely critical before one heads near the hot tub or spa after a storm has receded. You will be required to turn off the circuit breaker. In case you think that this task is too dangerous to do on your own, deploy a professional.

2. Check How Much Damage has been Done: The first step to repairing something is checking how much damage has taken place. Assess the ozonator, pump, filter and other hot tub parts for damage. In case any of these parts have been damaged, consider replacing them.

3. Clean the Equipment: If a storm has recently struck in your region, chances are that it might have brought along a lot of dust and dirt. Even if your spa was kept covered during the entire time, chances are that something might have got stuck in the hot tub or spa filter. Open the parts and clean them thoroughly. Now leave these to dry out completely before you install them again.

4. Check the Hot Tub Shell for Breakage: Natural calamities have the potential to swipe of an entire city. A hot tub or spa is not sturdy enough to withstand the mars of a natural calamity. Even the best of hot tubs or spas can get damaged because of a storm or a flood. Therefore, you must check the spa shell for any breakage that might be caused because of the natural calamity.

5. Replacing the Spa Cover: If the storm/flood/hurricane were of extremely high intensity, the spa cover should be checked for wear and tear. In case you notice any damage, look into a hot tub shell replacement immediately.

In a nutshell, pray for the best and prepare for the worst!