Overview of Your Hot Tub and Master Spa Parts

Spa Pumps

Spa Pumps

After a long, hectic day, nothing can beat a soak in your spa. Hot tubs and spas are gaining popularity and are becoming more of a need than a luxury. It is essential to know a hot tub and check if it has the required right features. This is possible only when you have the knowledge of its parts.

The skirting

The skirting of a hot tub should be durable and attractive. Some skirting options come with special coating to make it stain proof.  Polymer sides are the most popular, which do not require any routine maintenance and are one of the most durable skirting materials available.

Water filter

It is an essential part of your hot tub and spa. Usually, cartridge filters are used in spas and hot tubs.  Make sure your filters are made by a reputable company and are the correct size and fit for your hot tub.  An improper filter will compromise the quality of your water.

Pumps, heaters and controls

These are the core components of a hot tub or spa. The required control system is dependent on the number of pumps and the size heater used in your particular spa.  If you need to replace a pump, heater, or control system, make sure to get all of the information off of the part.  Match that information up with the replacement part.  Using the wrong replacement part can cause damage or technical failure.  If you are unsure of which part you need, do not hesitate to call your dealer and ask for assistance.

Seating and jets

You can choose jets and seating according to your need, whether for gatherings or hydrotherapy.  Different sorts of jets and seats are available in the market to choose from.


Various spa accessories like spa covers, spa pillows, aromatherapy scents, etc. are available to add to your spa experience.

Different spa parts need replacement after some time depending on usage and quality. Spa replacement parts are available with multiple spa part dealers and Master Spa Parts is one of the most reliable. Master Spa Parts offers a wide range of essential spa and hot tub parts including spa filters, heaters, jets, circuit boards and other spa equipment. You can acquire these spa parts online at affordable prices anytime with just a click of your mouse.