Master Spa Parts and the Replacement Products We Offer

We offer a lot of great and beneficial replacement items here at Master Spa Parts.

We’ve outlined a few categories below so you can get a taste of what you can find (and buy) on our site…

Fun Accessories (Our Top 3!):

  • I have spent a long time trying to find the top 3 fun accessories for my hot tub. Number one is without a doubt my 6 inch LED Waterfall. I spoiled myself and it was worth it. I sit under the waterfall anytime I want a nice neck or head massage. The LED lights add a wonderful ambiance but it’s the waterfall that really makes it number one. The smooth distribution of water rolls perfectly over me.
  • Number 2 is easily my Bluetooth Docking Station. That link is the one I use, I love that it came with a remote to easily change songs without touching anything with wet fingers. Now my playlist may not be everyone’s taste but this docking station can be accessed by my guests as well. I suppose they can choose the tunes sometimes.
  • My third most fun accessory I purchased is my Spa Caddy. I installed this easily and immediately tried it out. Kept my phone dry, and my drink out of the hot water. Not to mention my docking station remote won’t fall between couch cushions. I can rotate it out as well to easily move around in the hot tub without it getting in the way.

Jets for Every Person

Massage jets are my absolutely favorite stress reliever. Whether you are adding more jets or replacing broken ones, MSP has the best jets to put in your hot tub. I installed them quickly and immediately fell in love with the massaging water pressure they produced. The hardest part of my day is getting out of the hot tub now.

Replacing the Important Parts

All right, hot tubs are not always fun and games. Sometimes parts break or wear down. Master Spa Parts has numerous options to fix anything and I mean anything that broke in your hot tub. From circuit boards and filters, to grab bars and hoses. They’ve even have pillows, plumbing, and pumps. Don’t mind the alliteration. If you broke it, MSP has got it.


Lastly, don’t forget those little add-ons! Master Spa Parts has all the chemicals and fragrances you could desire. Even if you’ve got busted speakers or lights, perhaps a rotting cover Master Spa Parts has you covered!