How to Clean a Hot Tub Filter

Are you greatly satisfied with your hot tub? Are you getting the feeling that the hot tub has not been functioning efficiently? It is necessary for you to understand that the hot tub is a combination of several parts and every part has to be maintained equally well for the optimum functioning of hot tub.
Filters are one of the key parts in any hot tub. It is the job of the hot tub filters to keep the water clean by purifying the incoming water from the sump. If the filter is non-functional or not working satisfactorily, then it should get repaired or replaced. The best solution to avoid such a scenario would be to have a set of spare filters that can replace the non- functional filters.

Hot Tub Filters

Hot Tub Filters

If the existing filters go faulty in the absence of spare filters, then they should be repaired to enable you to use the spa. You can follow routine maintenance of the hot tub so that the filters are not choked.
How To Clean A Hot Tub Filter
One of the best ways to do it is by way of washing the filters with water. The water must be sprinkled at a reasonable speed by a pressurized hose so that all the debris prevalent in the filter is washed away.

If the filter has not been washed for a long period, then it becomes necessary to have the filters dipped in a cleaning solution for at least twelve hours. This will ensure that the grime that has ingrained in the filter is sucked out. The filter can then be washed and fitted back into the hot spa. It must be ensured that the filter has been dried before inserting it back into the assembly.

These are the days of convenience and several filter-cleaning products that can be bought off the shelf are available. These products are also automated and they only needed to the fitted to the water pipe. These small machines will then carry out a vigorous cleaning process and prep the filters ready for use.

If you need a product that is long lasting then you should opt for an Eco pur filter.