Master Spas LSX1000 With Sun Optimization Lounge

The sun is rising on a brand new ultra premium luxury hot tub like no other. Glowing lights, dancing water features, and 115 jets are just the start of what makes the 8 x 10 feet Master Spas LSX1000 the most unique hot tub ever made.

Now, the hot tub is not just for soaking, but for sunbathing too, with the exclusive Sun Optimization Lounge. The SOL technology allows you to soak in the sun in a specially designed shallow lounge that is reversible so you can catch the sun’s rays coming and going. The Sun Optimization Lounge is highlighted by subtly lighted water features, and the water from the lounge cascades down into the main body of the hot tub with a soothing waterfall. The hot tub portion has an incredible array of jets and five pumps for the ultimate therapy. Each seat in the LSX1000 provides therapy for a specific muscle group. The reverse molded stress relief seat is perfect for the hard to reach area of the neck and shoulders and has Master Spas Signature X seat for the large muscles in your back. Or try one of the exclusive Comfort Wedge seats that are like sitting in your favorite recliner, but with dozens of jets for your shoulders, back, hips, calves, and thighs.

So no matter what the day brings, you can feel good from head to toe. A daily soak can help relieve aches and pains and everyday stress. It’s no wonder that Master Spas is the ultimate relaxation machine. The LSX1000 comes standard with a deluxe LED lighting system that includes exterior lighting that turns on automatically at night. The all new DuraMaster polymer skirt has the same toughness and durability its been famous for, but with an all new look, fit, and finish. Or choose one of the three new designer colors of the optional Master Select Skirt or complement your landscaping with the realistic Dream Stone skirting.

No matter which one you choose, these skirts never go out of style, and under the skirt is the rock solid, powder coated box steel frame that separates a Master Spa from an ordinary spa. And you can even add a high end iPod ready stereo or the patented Spa Theater System with a 19 inch widescreen high definition TV and smoking Dobie 5.1 surround sound. You don’t have to be a sun lover to enjoy the revolutionary LSX1000 with the Sun Optimization Lounge but it won’t hurt. The Master Spas LSX1000, casting a whole new light on what a luxury hot tub should be.