Common Problems and How To Fix Your Twilight Spas Eco Pur Filter

•Did you receive a new Eco Pur Filter for your Twilight Series Spa, but it doesn’t quite look like your old filter?

•Are you wondering why the new Eco Pur Filter has threads on the bottom, but the filter you’re replacing only has an opening?

We’ve received a number of calls from customers just like you who are faced with the same situation. We’ve found this to be a common problem for the Twilight Series Eco Pur Filters, among others. But don’t worry – you have the correct filter! In this Maintenance Spotlight blog post, we’ll show you what your filter should look like, and how to fix the problem with the bottom of your Eco Pur Filter.


Why are you having this hot tub filter replacement problem?

Our filter manufacturer, Pleatco, makes the Eco Pur Filters with removable screw-in adapters. These adapters are the threaded tailpieces that appear on the bottom of your filter. When you installed your previous filter, you may have accidentally tightened it down too tight into the hot tub. This over-tightening, combined with the suction from the pump, can cause the threaded tailpiece to get stuck inside the hot tub.

Before you can install your new Eco Pur Filter, you need to remove the threaded tailpiece that got stuck inside the hot tub.

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How do I remove the threaded piece of the filter without causing any damage to the hot tub?

1. Take out all of your filters.

2. Locate the filter housing, which has the flapper door that allows water to get into your filter. There should be two screws on either side of the flapper door. Remove those two screws and lift straight up on the filter housing to remove it.

3. Take a set of pliers and clamp it onto the threaded tailpiece that is stuck. Just turn the piece counter clockwise and it should come loose. (This may take some force, but it’s shouldn’t be overly difficult to do.)

4. After the threaded tailpiece has been removed, you can simply replace the filter housing and install your new Eco Pur Filter.

What should I do to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

To prevent this from happening in the future, we recommend you turn your filter until it feels almost tight, and then turn it back a quarter turn of the way. This will prevent you from over-tightening the filter during the installation.

Still have questions about how to fix your Master spa Twilight Series Filter Replacement Problem?

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Editors Note: Content was originally created in April, 2015 and has been updated as of October, 2016 to reflect current and updated chemical and spa maintenance information.